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 Monk Change Job Quest

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PostSubject: Monk Change Job Quest   Monk Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 2:51 pm

Job Requirement:
Acolyte Job Lv 40 and above

Change Job Quest:
1. Find NPC A Monk, Tohobu at around 11 o'clock direction in prt_monk (59 247) to activate the change job quest.

*Note: You must talk to him or the process of job upgrade will not go on.

2. Proceed to the building located at around 6 o'clock direction in prt_monk (245 105) to find NPC A Pastor, MuHae (monk_in 99 58) and NPC will ask for items randomly from the 7 sets below:
Set 1: 5 Sticky Mucus, 10 Earth Worm Peeling, 20 Green Herb
Set 2: 20 Yoyo Tail, 5 Iron Ore, 3 Blue Herb
Set 3: 30 Stem, 5 Jellopy, 10 Worm Peelings
Set 4: 5 Solid Shell, 20 Shell, 5 Zargon
Set 5: 5 Cyfar, 10 White Herb, 10 Yellow Herb
Set 6: 10 Tooth of Bat, 5 Bear's Foot, 20 Poison Spore
Set 7: 5 Porcupine Spike, 20 Spiderweb, 10 Short Leg

3. Proceed to prt_monk at around 1 o'clock direction (249 254) to find NPC Douha. NPC will give you 10 paragraph of message and wants player to rearrange them into the order that she had told you at the beginning.

Questions & Answer:
Set 1 : Answers
i. "As the representative of God on this Land"
ii. "As tribunal that impose the penalty of God"
iii. "We are the Monk"
iv. "And Our mission is"
v. "To utilize the extreme limit of our bodies"
vi. "To pursue and attack utterly"
vii. "To completely destroy"
viii."The violator of God"
ix. "The body of a Foolish Man"
x. "An Aimless Wandering Human Body"

Set 2 : Answers
i. "To Pass On the Commandments of God"
ii. "We take pride for possession of our body "
iii. "For we are the Monk"
iv. "Tribunal that impose the penalty of God "
v. "The representative of God on this land"
vi. "As the Monk we have this mission"
vii. "To pursue, attack and completely destroy"
viii."The violator of God"
ix. "The body of a Walking Dead"
x. "The corpse of a foolish man"

Set 3 : Answers

i. "Judgment to the violator of God!"
ii. "End for the violator of God!"
iii. "The violator of God shall be banished!"
iv. "We, are the Monk"
v. "As the representative of God on this land "
vi. "As tribunal that impose the penalty of God"
vii. "We give out blood and flesh to God's glory"
viii."To bring the violators of God to Justice"
ix. "Even our flesh and bones part with bodies"
x. "For everything is to the honor of God"

4. After that, NPC Douha will ask you to go and meet NPC Puhae after you have fulfilled his request.

*Tips: There is a guard who will tell you where Monk PuHae is. He will also transfer you to the location where the trial of job upgrade to Monk takes place.

5. Find NPC Puhae at around 9 o'clock direction at prt_monk (51 179). After answering his questions, he will give you the instructions for next step to look for An Assistant, Bashyu.

6. Look for NPC An Assistant, Bashyu (monk_test 329 50) inside the building at around middle of prt_monk (191 169), he will give you 2 tests where you only need to take 1 of them.

Option 1: Collect the Mushrooms
Talk to NPC Assistance, Hyunmoo at job_monk 226 180, he will ask you to collect 30 Smelly Mushroom and 30 Poison Mushroom. After that, talk to NPC Assistance, Hyunmoo again.

Option 2: Marathon
Talk to NPC An Assistant, A Monk in Training at monk_test 386 387, he will require you to run around 8 rounds. After that, NPC will ask you to find NPC Taomoon.

*Note: For both of the tests, you can choose to quit anytime and try the other one. However, you will have to start the test from beginning all over again.

7. After that, proceed to monk_test 319 139 to look for NPC Taomoon and he will teleport you to NPC An Invigilator, Inspector.

8. Talk to NPC An Invigilator, Inspector and he will teleport you to 1 from the 3 battleground randomly. The objective of this trial is quite similar to the trial for assassin. The difference is that the monsters will block your way.

9. After pass the test, go back to NPC Taomoon and obtain a Green Potion. Do not drink the potion first. Bring it along and go to meet NPC Pastor, MuHae.

10. NPC Pastor, MuHae will ask you to drink the Green Potion, and you will be able to perform the job change when you had gone through the question and answer session.

Questions & Answer : Final Job Upgrade Trial:
i. May I ask are you willing to dedicate the remains of your life as to live with the God?
Answer: Yes.

ii. Will you exploiting the ability that entrusted to you to obtain some own benefits?
Answer: No

iii. Will you help others with leading lots of monsters?
Answer: No

iv. When you were dealing with the violator against the God, will you hesitating over your jurisdiction?
Answer: Yes

v. Are you ready to co-operate with others who attack the disobedient and sacrifice yourself for your mission?
Answer: Yes

vi. Will you say the same thing to other people in the village and the field?
Answer: No

vii. Do you think yourself the tribunal of God to carry out the penalty, and sacrificed for the God?
Answer: Yes

viii. You end up with being killed, if you want to stay alive, opposing to the god's will. However, You'll be stay alive if you follow the god's will!Think one more what to be and not to be mean to you!!Lastly, swear

ix. what you've heard so far.
Answer: I swear
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Monk Change Job Quest
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