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 Hunter Change Job Quest

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PostSubject: Hunter Change Job Quest   Hunter Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 1:53 pm

Job Requirement:
Archer with Job Lv40 or above

Change Job Quest:
1. Proceed to hunter guild at around 1 o'clock of the hugel city (209 224).Talk to hunter Shelin for registration. You will need to take the oral test, if the answer you give is below the average level, you will fail the test.

Questions & Answer:
i. "yell for help", "ask town people", "find out by myself"
answer : "ask town people or find out myself"

ii. "ask a priest for free warp gate", "ask kapra", "walk with friend"
answer : "ask kapra or walk with friend"

iii. "beg players", "sell useless items", "go hunting nearby"
answer : "sell useless items or go hunting nearby"

iv. "attack hodes on higher ground", "go back to town", "attack a hode that is already engaged in a fight"
answer : "go back to town"

v. "would you mind if I ask you for healing?", "Give me some heal, will ya?", "heal me"
answer : "would you mind if I ask you for healing"

vi. "yell for trade so that everyone can hear", "wait in chat room untill a buyer appears", "search for someone who wants to buy the items you have"
answer : "wait in chat room untill a buyer appears or search for someone who wants to buy the items you have"

vii. "give something to him", "just ignore", "tell him a near hunting ground"
answer : "tell him a near hunting ground"

viii. "teach him the way", "take him to his destination", "just ignore"
answer : "teach him the way or take him to his destination"

ix. "help him fighting if he asks", "just hunt down the boss monster", "just come back to town"
answer : "help him fighting if he asks"

x. "just get it", "find out who the owner is", "just pass by"
answer : "find out who the owner is, just pass by"

2. After pass the oral test, talk to the Hunter Demon inside the hunter guild, he will randomly ask you to collect 1 set of following item:
Set A: 5x Claw of Desert Wolf, 5x Wooden Block, 5 x White Herb
Set B: 3x Bill of Bird, 5 x Skel bone, 3 x Green Herb
Set C: 3x Poisonous Canine, 3x Animal Skin, 5 x Red Herb
Set D: 3x Dokebi Horn, 3x piece of Egg Shell, 10 x Fluff
Set E: 9x Solid Shell, 9x Worm Peeling, 9x Yellow Herb
Set F: 3x Tooth of Bat, 1x Sticky Mucus, 1x Bear Foot
Set G: 2x Porcupine Spike. 1x Yoyo Tail, 1x Acorn.

3. Collect the item to the Hunter Demon, after you have complete the gathering item quest,he will ask you to find the 2 chief of hunter who is out from hunter guild.

4. Please proceed to the archer village of the payon city, find the archer guild master inside the archer guild and talk to him.

5. After that, please proceed to the building at the right hand side of the payon kapra (185 232). Go inside the building to find the Hunter NPC. He will send you to next test place (killing monster test).

6. After completing the quest, please talk to the archer guild man inside the archer guild, he will give you the item call penetration. Return to the Hunter guild at hugel city (1 o'clock direction), pass the item to the hunter guild man (hunter shelin), you will be able to perform job upgrade
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Hunter Change Job Quest
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