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 Gunslinger Change Job Quest

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Gunslinger Change Job Quest Empty
PostSubject: Gunslinger Change Job Quest   Gunslinger Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 9:26 pm

The requirement of job change is a Novice with Job Lv10.

1. Proceed to the Gunslinger Guild at Einbroch 131 199. Talk to Master Miller npc. The NPC will request you to find Wise Bull Horn NPC at Payon city.

2. Proceed to Payon 184 65 to find Wise Bull Horn NPC, the NPC will ask you to create a scroll for him, so please collect Colorful Shell x 3, Shell x 10, Feather x 3, Wooden Block x 1, Zargon x 3, Green Herb x 3 to the NPC.

3. Talk to the NPC again after a while, he will tell you that the scroll has been completed. The NPC will ask to find Milk x 1, bring the Milk x 1 to him and he will ask you to find Master Miller again.

4. You will be able to change job to Gunslinger after you have returned to Master Miller.

You will be randomly given a Six Shooter or Branch.

Some Details about Gunslinger job:
i. Gunslinger can reset skill if Base Level is 40 or below
ii. Gunslinger's weapon cannot be refined by Whitesmith
iii. Gunslinger cannot be adopted
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Gunslinger Change Job Quest
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