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 Sage Change Job Quest

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PostSubject: Sage Change Job Quest   Sage Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 3:10 pm

Job Requirement:
Magician with job level 40 or above

Change Job Quest:

1. Proceed to the building at 11 o'clock of the yuno city (91 315), talk to President of Academy , Kayron Grig (yuno_in02 38 61).

2. Talk to the Academy Staff, Meteous Silf npc (yuno_in03 155 35) inside the building at 1 o'clock direction of yuno city (323 280).
If your job level is 50, you will be exempted to pay the 70,000 zeny fee. You can also avoid paying the fee by having the"Old Magic Book" and the "Penetration" with you.

3. Talk to the Written Tester, Claytoss Berdo npc inside the same building (yuno_in03 105 177). This npc will test you by asking you 20 questions. There are three sets of question in the test. Only one set of question will be given to the players. Each question is 5% and the players need to score 80% then only can pass the test.If the players do not answer the question in certain time then the NPC will terminate the test. These are the set of questions that would be asked along with the answers that you will need to give:

Questions & Answer:

1) What is the jewel that is not sold by the Jewel merchants at Morroc?
Option: Golden Jewel, Dark Red Jewel, Diamond, Blue Jewel
Answer: Dark Red Jewel

2) The Monsterís Feed does not sells at city.
Option: Prontera, Morroc, Al de Baran, Alberta
Answer: Al de Baran

3) Which is the nearest city from Labyrinth Forest?
Option: Prontera, Morroc, Geffen, Payon
Answer: Prontera

4) Which monster is of different race from the others?
Option: Muka, Drop, Plankton, Penomena
Answer: Penomena

5) Which monster is of different attribute from the others?
Option: Dokebi, Isis, Giearth, Deviruchi
Answer: Giearth

6) Which monsters is of different size from the others?
Option: Thief Bug Aggressive, Horn, Metaller, Argos
Answer: Argos

7) Yggdrasil could not be obtained from the monster.
Option: Marduk, Baphomet Jr., Angeling, Wander Man
Answer: Marduk

8) Who is not related with the job change of Priest?
Option: Tomas Bishop, Windser Banedict, Peter S. Alberto, Sesil Magrita
Answer: Windser Banedict

9) Who is not the resident of Morroc?
Option: Sylviaje, Arikari, Antonio, Muda Armani
Answer: Antonio

10) Whatís the name of the glamorous Kapraís staff with blue hair?
Option: Deprotai, Tayelin, Claris, Debril
Answer: Deprotai

11) Which of the following courses is excluded in order learn the Fire Wall?
Option: Fire Bolt Lv4, Napalm Beat Lv4, Fire Ball Lv5, Sight Lv1
Answer: Napalm Beat Lv4

12) If you learn Increase Spiritual power up to Lv6 without putting any stat point on INT, how many SP will be recovered in 10 seconds?
Option: 14, 16, 18, 21
Answer: 18

13) If you are a magician with job lvl30, how many additional stat points will you get for INT?
Option: 7, 6, 5, 4
Answer: 4

14) How much the SP is consumed of the Archerís Attention Concentrate at Level 5 and how long it will lasts?
Option: 45 / 80 seconds, 50 / 80 seconds, 45 / 90 seconds, 50 / 90 seconds
Answer: 45 / 80 seconds

15) If you are a Blacksmith, which skill is not necessary for learning Magnus Exorcismus?
Option: Hilt Biding, Skin Tempering, Hammerfall, Weapon Perfection
Answer: Skin Tempering

16) What is the DEF and SP of the Fillet?
Option: 0 / SP+20, 0 / SP+30, 1 / SP+20, 1 / SP+30
Answer: 1 / SP+20

17) The Saint Robe is not available for job profession.
Option: Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Acolyte
Answer: Thief

18) What is the special state that canít be cured with the Green Potion?
Option: Silence, Confusion, Blind, Curse
Answer: Curse

19) What is the name of the perishing ancient kingdom that can entered from somewhere in Geffen?
Option: Gepeyon, Geffenia, Gefaniac, Geforce
Answer: Geffenia

20) What is the name of the plant that is the root of the earth?
Option: Yggdrasil, Yddgrasil, Mastela, Branch of dead tree
Answer: Yggdrasil


1) Which of the following items does not sold by the Magician merchants in Geffen?
Option: Mantle, Wand, Circlet, Silver Robe
Answer: Mantle

2) The Blade does not sold at
Option: Prontera, Izlude, Al de Baran, Payon
Answer: Al de Baran

3) Which is the nearest city from Glast Heim?
Option: Prontera, Geffen, Morroc, payon
Answer: Geffen

4) Which monster is of different race from the others?
Option: Aster, Marc, Marse, Marin
Answer: Marin

5) Which monster has different monster property?
Option: Desert Wolf Babe, Smokie, Picky, Choco
Answer: Smokie

6) Which monster has different size from others?
Option: Drake, Wraith, Evil Druid, Khalitzburg
Answer: Drake

7) Which monster does not give ďPhraconĒ?
Option: Pupa, Pecopeco Egg, Savage Babe, Desert Wolf Babe
Answer: Pecopeco Egg

8) Who does not have nothing to do with Job Change of Blacksmith?
Option: Bysliter, Whichebain, Barcadi, Grongast
Answer: Barcadi

9) Who is not a resident of Al de Baran?
Option: RS125, Mocona, Fussy Man, Chekatae
Answer: Mocona

10) Who is the youngest Kafra staff?
Option: Deprotai, Tayelin, Claris, Debril
Answer: Debril

11) How many SP is consumed when using the skill Safety Wall and what is the dodge rate?
Option: SP 40 6 times, SP 35 6 times, SP 40 7 times, SP 35 6 times
Answer: SP 40 7 times

12) If you cast Lv.6 Napalm Beat, how many times of your MATK will damage a monster?
Option: 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5
Answer: 1.3

13) Whatís the catalyst gemstone for the Magician Test Solution 4 while Novice is upgrade the job profession to Magician?
Option: Blue Gemstone, Red Gemstone, Yellow Gemstone, 1 Carat Diamond
Answer: 1 Carat Diamond

14) Swordman circumstance: Whatís the Damage and SP consumption for Bash in Level 6?
Option: 250% /8, 280% /8, 280% /15, 310% /15
Answer: 280% /15

15) Hunterís circumstance: Which course is excluded in order to learn Claymore Trap?
Option: Remove Trap, Landmine, Ankle Snare, Flasher
Answer: Remove Trap

16) How much is the DEF and MDEF of the Wedding Veil?
Option: 0 / MDEF+3, 0 / MDEF+5, 1 / MDEF+3, 1 / MDEF+5
Answer: 0 / MDEF+5

17) The mantle is not available for job profession?
Option: Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Magician
Answer: Magician

18) Which of the following materials is not required in forming the Cobaltblue Dyestuffs?
Option: Alchohol, Detrimindexta, Karvodailnirol, Blue Herb
Answer: Karvodailnirol

19) What item is used by the God Odin in the creation of the World?
Option: The Heart of Ymir, The Nail of Ymir, The Tooth of Ymir, The Memento of Ymir
Answer: The Heart of Ymir

20) Whatís a name of a very splendid and shiny ore which shows the only man who can change this world, the emperor?
Option: Gold, Emperium, Boody Red, Phracon
Answer: Emperium


1) Which of the following items does not sold by the souvenirs merchant at Prontera?
Option: White Platter, Red Flame, Bunch of Flowers, Glass Bead
Answer: Bunch of Flowers

2) Which is the city that does not sells the Stiletto?
Option: Prontera, Morroc, Geffen, Lutie
Answer: Prontera

3) Which is the nearest city from Turtle Island?
Option: Al de Baran, Alberta, Comodo, Izlude
Answer: Alberta

4) Which monster is of different race from the others?
Option: Raggler, Pest, Frilldora, Aster
Answer: Aster

5) Which monster is different attribute from the others?
Option: Mantis, Metaller, Rocker, Horn
Answer: Metaller

6) Which monster is of different size from the others?
Option: Raydric, Raydric Archer, Wander Man, Dark Frame
Answer: Raydric

7) The 'Alchohol' could not obtained from the monster
Option: Horong, Plankton, Poison Spore, Toad
Answer: Poison Spore

8) Who has no relation with the job change of Knight?
Option: James Syracueth, Tomas Bishop, Amy Veattris, Edmond Groster
Answer: Tomas Bishop

9) Who is not the resident of Prontera?
Option: Terno, Jim's Mother, Norby, Marbi
Answer: Jim's Mother

10) What's the name of the Kapra's staff that wears the glasses?
Option: Deprotai, Tayelin, Claris, Debril
Answer: Claris

11) How many SP is consumed when using the skill Thunder Storm at Level 7?
Option: 49, 59, 69, 74
Answer: 59

12) When the SP remains to 50%, how many damage rate could be reduced and SP is consumed when using Energy Coat?
Option: Damage24% SP1.5%, Damage24% SP2%, Damage18% SP1.5%, Damage18% SP2%
Answer: Damage18% SP2%

13) In the Magician of Bolt skill series, which attribute is excluded?
Option: Water Attribute, Earth Attribute, Fire Attribute, Wind Attribute
Answer: Earth Attribute

14) Thief circumstance: What is the successful rate and attact rate of the Double Attack Level 7?
Option: 35% / 120%, 35% / 140%, 40% / 120%, 40% / 140%
Answer: 35% / 140%

15) Priest circumstance: Which is the course that is excluded in order to learn Magnus Exorcismus?
Option: Divine Protection, Heal, Ruwach, Aqua Benedicta
Answer: Divine Protection

16) What is the DEF and LUK of the Bunny Band?
Option: 1 / LUK+2, 1 / LUK+5, 2 / LUK+2, 2 / LUK+5
Answer: 2 / LUK+2

17) The Padded Armor is not suitable for job profession
Option: Swordman, Merchant, Thief, Archer
Answer: Archer

18) What is the healing item that could removed all the special status?
Option: Royal Jelly, Seed of Yggdrasil, Yggdrasilberry, Fruit of Mastela
Answer: Fruit of Mastela

19) What is the name of the king of the Rune Migard Kingdom?
Option: Terlisten the third, Terlistan the third, Tristar the third, trasta the third
Answer: Terlistan the third

20) Who is the god that worshipped by the Crusader?
Option: Odin, Loki, Thor, Ariyong Tunak
Answer: Odin

Change Job Quest: Continued
4. After passing the test, speak to the Practical Tester, Hermes Treenpc inside the same building (yuno_in03 169 180). You will need to go through 3 battle, you need to capture all monster in order to pass the test. After passing the test, the npc will give ask you another task (The Thesis Writing Task). The npc will give you 3 option in order to complete the task, you need to choose one of them:

First Option:
Talk to the npc History Professor, Sapien Lylees(yuno_in03 62 176) inside building at 1 o'clock of the yuno city (323 280). Item that is required is a Yggdrasil related item such as Yggdrasilberry, Seed of Yggdrasil or Leaf of Yggdrasil , bring one of the item to him. After that he will require you to prepare Feather of Birds, Animal's Skin,Wooden Block, Chinese Ink & Empty Bottle. After preparing these items, he will ask you some question,the answer as below:
The giant snake, Joermungand
Giant's Utgard
The place we are living in, Midgard
God's place, Asgard
The big ash tree
Asgard, Jotunheim, Niflheim
Get maximum HP and SP.
Remark: After task completed, go to step No.5.

Second Option:
Proceed to the building at yuno (278 290) look for Biology Professor, Ruthy Celcus npc(yuno_in03 32 102). He will need you to get him a set of items. There 7 different sets hence you will have to pay attention to his dialogues to ensure which set of items he wants. These are the items required depending on which set you are assigned to find:-
SET 1 : 5 xTentacles, 5x Single Cells & 5 x Fish Tails
SET 2 : 5 x Nippers ,5 x Flesh Of Clams, & 5 x Heart of Mermaids
SET 3 : 5 x Tendons ,5 x Nippers , 5 x Sharp Scales
SET 4 : 5 x Spiderwebs , Shells x 5 , 5 x Insect Feelers
SET 5 : 5 x Horns ,5 x Snail's Shells , & 5 x Moth Dusts
SET 6 : 5 x Limb Of Mantises, 5 x Worm Peelings , & 5 x Mottled Egg Shells.
SET 7 : 5 x Spiderwebs, 5 x Limb Of Mantises & 5 x Solid Shells
Remark: After task completed, go to step No.5.

Third Option:

Talk to Physics Professor, EvecyGeorgy npc (yuno_in03 244 31) inside the building at around 1 o'clock of yuno city (282 363). First, he would ask you to bring him 30 Stones. Then, he will need 50 Crystal Arrows , 50 Stone Arrows & 50 Arrow of Winds . After bringing him all those items, he would ask you to find him a Holy Water.
Remark: After task completed, go to step No.5.

Change Job Quest: Continued
5. After you have completed the thesis, take it back to President of Academy, Kayron Grig npc inside the building at 11 o'clock of the yuno city (91 315) to perform job upgrade.
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Sage Change Job Quest
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