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 Wizard Change Job Quest

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PostSubject: Wizard Change Job Quest   Wizard Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 2:57 pm

Job Requirement:
Magician with Job Lv40 or above

Change Job Quest:
1. Proceed to Magician Guild in Geffen Tower (center of the Geffen city)

2. Talk to the Magic Guildsman at top floor the Geffen Tower (gef_tower 109 33)

3. She will ask you to collect Magic Gemstones or some Ore.
a) Magical Gemstones 10 each (Yellow, Red & Blue)
b) Ore 5 each (Wind, Earth, Fire & Water)

Remark: Magician with Job Lv 50 doesn't need this to go through this test. If during LV49 you have asked for this test,you may also need to go through this test

4. Talk to Dismal Wizzard (gef_tower 102 25), she will ask you 10 question. You need to achieve (80% ~ 90%) ONLY can go to the next level.

Questions & Answer:
SET 1:
i."Fire Bolt Lv4" "Fire Ball Lv5" "Sight Lv1" "Napalm Beat Lv4"
answer: Napalm Beat Lv4

ii."Water Attribute" "Earth Attribute" "Fire Attribute" "Wind Attribute"
answer: Water Attribute

iii. "1.6" "1.7" "2" "20"
answer: 1.7

iv."Flame Heart" "Blue Gemstone" "Yellow Gemstone" "Red Gemstone"
answer: Red Gemstone

v. "Napalm Beat Lv4" "Soul Strike Lv5" "Fast SP Recovery Lv6" "Safety Wall Lv7"
answer: Fast SP Recovery Lv6

vi. "14" "21" "28" "35"
answer: 21

vii. "18% SP 1.5%" "18% SP 2%" "24% SP 1.5%" "24% SP 2%"
answer: 18% SP 2%

viii. "SP 40, 6" "SP 35, 6" "SP 40, 7" "SP 35, 7"
answer: SP40, 7"

ix. "84" "74" "64" "54"
answer: 74

x. "Lightning Bolt" "Fire Bolt" "Cold Bolt" "Sight"
answer: Lightning Bolt

SET 2:
i. "Thief Bug" "Peco Peco" "Pupa" "Goblin"
answer: Pupa

ii. "Flora" "Ghostring" "Golem" "Myst"
answer: Flora

iii. "Elder Willow" "Evil Druid" "Magnolia" "Marc"
answer: Evil Druid

iv. "125%" "150%" "175%" "200%"
answer: 200%

v. "Desert Wolf Babe" "Farmilia" "Draw" "Don't know"
answer: Desert Wolf Babe

vi. "Poporing" "Roda Frog" "Smokie" "Poison Spore"
answer: Roda Frog

vii. "Goblin 5" "Goblin 3" "Goblin 4" "Goblin 2"
answer: Goblin 2

viii. "Horn" "Chon Chon" "Deniro" "Caremel"
answer: Caremel

ix. "Poring" "Mastering" "Ghostring" "Spore"
answer: Ghostring

x. "Drake" "Megalodon" "Deviace" "Khalitzburg"
answer: Deviace

SET 3:
i. "INT" "AGI" "DEX" "VIT"
answer: INT

ii. "Water Attribute" "Earth Attribute" "Fire Attribute" "Wind Attribute"
answer: Earth Attribute

iii. "Weak in vitality" "Capable in long distance" "Can make a lot of money" "High magic defensive"
answer: Can make a lot of money

iv. "Prontera" "Morocc" "Alberta" "Geffen"
answer: Geffen

v. "Andre" "Soldier Andre" "Desert Wolf Babe" "Elder Willow"
answer: Soldier Andre

vi. "Nice Voice" "Skillful in Acting" "Beautiful dancing ability" "Ability in casting spell"
answer: Ability in casting spell

vii. "8" "7" "6" "5"
answer: 5

viii. "Blade" "Cap" "Sandals" "An Eye of Dullahan"
answer: Cap

ix. "Blue Gemstone" "Red Gemstone" "Yellow Gemstone" "Flame Heart"
answer: Blue Gemstone

x. "Marduk Card" "Magnolia Card" "Willow Card" "Maya Card"
answer: Magnolia Card

SET 4:
i."Mantis" "Cornutus" "Gierth" "Caramel"
answer: Cornutus

ii. "Yoyo" "Magnolia" "Metaller" "Zerom"
answer: Zerom

iii. "Marina" "Vitata" "Scorpion" "Giearth"
answer: Marina

iv. "Cold Bolt" "Fire Bolt" "Lightning Bolt" "Stone Curse"
answer: Lightning Bolt

v. "Hydra" "Mandagora" "Greatest General" "Fridora"
answer: Fridora

5. After you pass the test, continue and talk to her. You may need to go through some battle. There is 3 battle room which is Water, Earth and Fire room.You need to kill all the monster inside the room then only can move foward to next battle room. After pass all the battle room, talk to Magic Guildsman to perform job upgrade.

Use worn out scroll to perform job upgrade
i. For player who wish to use the worn out scroll to perform job upgrade, you are not allow to bring the item together with you when you apply for job change. Please keep it inside the storage. If you do bring it, you will not able to use the worn out scroll to perform job upgrade.

ii. You need to failed the test for 5 times (battle room ), in order to use the worn out scroll. The correct way to failed the test is you need to kill all the normal monster inside the battle room, the boss monster will show up (marine sphere). Do not kill it, just hit it for few time and let it explode by itself, and you will considered as failed the test.

iii. Repeat the same step and failed the test for 5 times, the Dismal Wizard will ask you whether the you have carrying the [Pass out the Worn Out Scroll] or [Continue the test] . You can choose [Worn Out Scroll] option, and bring the worn out scroll to the npc to perform job upgrade.
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Wizard Change Job Quest
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