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 Hugel Hide and Seek Quest

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Hugel Hide and Seek Quest Empty
PostSubject: Hugel Hide and Seek Quest   Hugel Hide and Seek Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:07 pm

Level Requirement: Level 50 and above.

1. Talk to NPC Torpy (Hugel 107 67) and he will ask player find his mother outside the village.

2. After player found Torpy's mother at hu_fild06 (190 366), bring the message back to Torpy.

3. Torpy will ask player to find his father.

4. Check on the bucket (Hugel 100 176) and it will request on a Steamed Card dish which need 10 x Nipper, 10 x Green Herb and 1 x Yellow Potion. Player would need to create the dish through cooking (cookbook01) and pass to the bucket. The bucket seems to be hidding place for Torpy's dad. Go back to Torpy to inform him about his father's hiding place.

5. Tell Torpy about his father's hiding place and he will ask you to pass the messege to his mother outside the village.

6. Torpy's mother will thank you about the information and reward you 3 x Green Salad as return for the food given to his husband.

7. Player can check back with Torpy on his request with his dad after this.
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Hugel Hide and Seek Quest
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