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 Hugel Mercenary Revolution Quest

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PostSubject: Hugel Mercenary Revolution Quest   Hugel Mercenary Revolution Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:09 pm

Requirements :
Complete Lighthalzen President Quest, Lighthalzen Enterprise Quest, Odin Temple Quest.

1. Talk to the girl - Shede (hugel 70 137) and choose to help her. You will be given one of the 3 tasks below:
a) Collect essense from Moks Mushroom.
b) Get clam meat from clams.
c) get shell from Moks Bug.

2. Go to the NPC at the location given to collect the items. Each spot can only be harvested every 20second or more. After getting the required amount, go back to Shede.
a) Moks Mushroom (hu_fild06 168 359, hu_fild06 194 341, hu_fild06 198 339)
b) clams (hugel 209 163, hugel 203 166, hugel 217 158, hugel 204 150)
c) Moks Bug (hu_fild06 155 309, hu_fild06 218 320, hu_fild06 249 329, hu_fild06 218 373)

3. Shede will express her gratitude to player. Talk to her again and she will ask player to find her grandpa to talk.

4. Talk to Herico (hu_in01 256 40) in the building at 6o'clock area in Hugel ( hugel 101 77). Agree with his opinion and he will ask player to check on the Airship. Come back to him after player has finish Odin Temple quest. He will ask player to find the person who still remember the detail on the Mercenary Revolution.

5. Talk to the reporter-Enquro Carson (lhz_in03 39 44) inside the building at 7oclock area of Lighthalzen (lighthalzen 55 86). When ask about the Mercenary revolution, he will ask player for 1-2 Tropical Sograt or Vermilion The Beach drink from morocc's inn. Give him the item and he will tell player about the last mercenary he knew is in hugel.

6. Talk to the girl (hu_in01 310 380) inside the building at 1 o'clock area in Hugel (hugel 147 216). She will tell player that her father had passed away, and only left some books behind. Ask her to let you check on the books.

7. Read through the chapters of the book (hu_in01 317 312). You will found there is also a hidden chapter inside the book.

8. Return to Herico. He will reveal his identity. After that he will ask player to help him against Rekenber. Choose to help him. He will ask player to inflitrate the research center and destroy all the research documents.

9. Went into the laboratory and found some documents. There will spawn 2 REMOVER after you pick up the document.

10. Return to Herico. He will ask you to use mini bottle to destroy the Component Convertor. You can buy the mini bottle from Mini Bottle Maker Boomer at einbech (208 124) or use mini bottles made from alchemist/creator.

11. Go into the research center's dungeon level 2 and find the Component Convertor (lhz_dun02 244 226). Put in the mini bottle to destroy it.

12. Return to Herico. He will tell player that next time player brings him 100 Armlet Of Prisoner, he will give player some reward. He will also ask player if player knows any person who can give the final blow to Rekenber Enterprise. Player can type either "Karl", "President". He will give player a document for the president.

13. Pass the document to the President (yuno_pre 96 69). He will be grateful of player and reward player with an Old Violet Box and some EXP.

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Hugel Mercenary Revolution Quest
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