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 Hugel Milking Cow Quest

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PostSubject: Hugel Milking Cow Quest   Hugel Milking Cow Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:11 pm

1.The barn owner Kurupe (hugel 56 104) request player to find the cow milking kid for him.

2. Get a Lapier[2] (buy from shop) for Burupu (hu_fild06 217 270) and he will inform the secret to milk Mrs. Booboo is written in notes near the cow.

3. Tell Kurupe you will help him to milk Mrs. Booboo in place of Burupu. Find the instruction on how to milk Mrs. Booboo near the barn.

4. You will need to prepare Center Potion X3 each time to use the magic comb to milk Mrs. Booboo. Mrs. Booboo will play 1 of 5 sounds to show her feeling. Depends on her feeling, you will need to come certain numbers of strokes.
Happy - 3 strokes
Normal - 5 strokes
Sad - 10 strokes
Angry - 0 strokes
Love - 1 strokes

5. When you got the correct strokes, Mrs. Booboo will sing her song. Find out the diffrence in her song and key in to the input box. Symbols like (~) cannot be input.
Polok~ PolokPolok~ Bububu~~
Bulokloklok~ Bubu~ Bulokbu~~
BuluBuluPolok~ LokLokBu~~
LokLok~ BubuLokLok~ BubuLu~
Bububu~ Lululu~ BuluBuluPo~
Bu! Po! Bu ~~~~~~

6. Kurupe will reward you Ice Blended Fruits X3(and some experience)

* The quest is repeatable by talking to Kurupe -> Burupu->Kurupe-> Mrs. Booboo (The reward for repeatad milking will be either Milk x5, Red Potion x5, yellow Potion x5, Honey x3, or Food Package x1)
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Hugel Milking Cow Quest
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