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 Friendship Quest

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PostSubject: Friendship Quest   Friendship Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:24 pm

1) Go to Lighthalzen to find NPC Maku(lighthalzen 337 232), he will tell something about his friend.

2) Go to (lighthalzen 159 133). Enter the hotel to find Digotz(lhz_in02 201 210). He will tell you the history between Maku and him.

3) Go back to Maku, he will talk about the history himself.

4) Go to find Digotz. He will tell somethings regarding Maku.

5) Go back to Maku, and tell him what Digotz has told you(A input box will pop out whereby player needs to key in the message as said by Digotz) . Your HP will automatically reduce to 50% to comforts the excited mood of Maku

6) Go to Digotz, he will tell you about another friend, Benkaistein.

7) Go to Yuno library (yuno_in04 107 14) to find NPC Student and he will tell you where you can find Benkaistein

8) Go to find NPC Hot Tempered Student (Benkaistein) at ( yuno_in04 96 106)

9) He will try to find something.for you.

10) Go to (yuno_in04 168 117) to try to find the book. After finding it(Friendís Diary), take the book to Benkaistein and he will tell you to give this book to Maku and Digotz (P/S: If you are stuck at here, then please try go to find Digotz -> Maku -> Digotz).

11) After that, Digotz will give you a knife(3) and go to find Benkaistein. Benkaistein will give player a pass.


Digotz's Message:
You stubborn poor fellow,
go on and relaxes! Hm,
I fell more peaceful without you
what you have did last time
I still remember!
You sad little fellow!
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Friendship Quest
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