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 Hugel Remedy Quest

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PostSubject: Hugel Remedy Quest   Hugel Remedy Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:07 pm

Level Requirement: Level 60 and above

1. Find NPC Yuslan at Yuno (111 156), and find out why she is sad.

2. Go to Airship and talk to NPC Heyillen (airplane 235 62).

3. Talk to NPC Casey at airship casino (airplane 33 69).

4. Look for NPC Airship Captain (airplane 236 163) to find out that Tieri have went to HUGEL.

5. Return to Yuslan to pass her Casey's regards.

6. Talk to NPC Owner of Amusement Park and ask of Yuslan's brother.

7. After winning the game, player may see Yuslan's brother Yucran (que_bingo 53 190).

8. Go to Odin Temple (odin_tem01 129 127) and listen to the conversation.

9. Talk to the young man (odin_tem01 130 134) which appeared and found that he is Tieri.

10. After you left Tieri, you heard the stranger (odin_tem01 111 144 ) is plotting something on Tieri.

11. Go back to Tieri and inform him what you had heard. He will ask player to collect some ingredient for him. Collect Rune Of Darkness X5.

12. Pass the item to Tieri to obtain a remedy.

13. Pass the remedy to Yuslan to end the quest.
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Hugel Remedy Quest
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