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 Rogue Change Job

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PostSubject: Rogue Change Job   Rogue Change Job Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2008 7:16 pm

Job Requirement:
Thief Job Lv 40 and above.

Change Job Quest:
1. Proceed to morocc 100 104 look for NPC A guy seems to be bad.

2. Talk to NPC Rogue Guildsman (in_rogue 363 122) at
cmd_fild07 6o'clock direction (195 117) and answer
ten question given.

Questions & Answer:


1)The slotted Gladius could be obtained from which monster?
Option: Thief Bug, Pecopeco, Desert Wolf, Kobold
Answer: Kobold

2)The slotted Main Gauche could be obtained from which monster?
Option: Hornet, Desert Wolf, Marionette, Myst
Answer: Hornet

3)Which job profession could forming the Potion?
Option: Merchant, Alchemist, Blacksmith, Priest
Answer: Alchemist

4)Which of the following weapons is not available for Rogue?
Option: Kakkung, Cross Bow, Gladius, Katar
Answer: Katar

5)What is the attribute of Hode?
Option: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth
Answer: Earth

6)Which of the following monsters could not keep as a Pet?
Option: Poporing, Creamy, Orc, Poison Spore
Answer: Creamy

7)The knife of Fire Element is most effective against monster?
Option: Goblin with a knife, Goblin with a mace, Goblin with a axe, Goblin with a hammer
Answer: Goblin with a hammer

8)Which of the city do not established the Guild?
Option: Prontera, Aldebaran, Alberta, Payon
Answer: Alberta

9)Which of the following herbs will drops the Blue Herb?
Option: Green Plant, Yellow Plant, Blue Plant, Shining Plant
Answer: Blue Plant OR Shining Plant

10)Which of the following monsters not belongs to the Undead?
Option: Zombie, Megalodon, Familiar, Khalitzburg
Answer: Familiar


1)How much flee will be increased when a thief masters his skill, Increase Dodge?
Option: 30, 40, 160, 20
Answer: 30

2)Which monster from the below able to see the Thief in Hiding/Imitating Status?
Option: Worm Tail, Argos, Mummy, Soldier Skeleton
Answer: Argos

3)Which city provided job profession change for Rogue?
Option: Comodo, Cocomo Beach, Fallas Lighthouse Island, Morroc
Answer: Fallas Lighthouse Island

4)Which city provided job profession change for Thief?
Option: Comodo, Lutie, Alberta, Morroc
Answer: Morroc

5)Which card doesn't relate to DEX?
Option: Rocker card, Mummy card, Zerom card, Drops card
Answer: Mummy Card

6)Please choose the strong point of Rogue if compared with the other professions?
Option: Extraordinary badness, Extraordinary shameless, Extraordinary wiliness, Extraordinary attack
Answer: Any answer also correct.

7)The minimum Job Lv. required from Thief to Rogue?
Option: 30, 41, 40, 50
Answer: 40 OR 50

8)If you want to dye your hair blue color, where should you go with blue dyestuff?
Option: Morroc-7 0'clock from the building, Prontera-7 0' clock from the building, Morroc-5 0' clock from the building, Prontera-1 0'clock from the building
Answer: Prontera-7 0' clock from the building.

9)Which mushroom required for job profession change from a Novice to Thief?
Option: Orange Gooey Mushroom, Red Gooey Mushroom, Orange Net Mushroom, Orange Shiitake Mushroom
Answer: Orange Gooey Mushroom OR Orange Net Mushroom

10)Which card doesn't relate to Rogue?
Option: Whisper Card, Elder Wilow Card, Zerom Card, Matyr Card
Answer: Elder Wilow Card


1)The required skill for a Rogue to learn Tunnel Drive isÖ
Option: Hide, Steal, Increase Dodge, Bash
Answer: Hide

2)What is the different between the cut-rate of an item of Rogue's "Compulsion Option: Discount" with Merchant's Discount Level 10?
3%, 2%, 1%, 0%
Answer: 1%

3)What is the function of "Steal Coin'?
Option: Steal item from player, Steal item from monster, Steal zenny from monster, Steal zenny from player
Answer: Steal zenny from monster

4)How many player required to cast "Gangster Paradise"?
Option: 2 Rogues + 1 Assassin, 2 Thieves + 1 Rogue, 3 Thieves, 3 Rogues
Answer: 3 Rogues

5)What is the skill appear when Strip Helm in Lv 5?
Option: Envenom, Strip Dancing, Poison Infection, Strip Shield
Answer: Strip Shield

6)Which of the followings could be move while using the Hide?
Option: Hiding, Back Sliding, Tunnel Drive, Sprinkle Sand
Answer: Tunnel Drive

7)Which of the followings card could increases the rate of Attack?
Option: Andre Card, Familiar Card, Mummy Card, Marina Card
Answer: Mummy Card

8)Which monster could be killed effectively when using the Vadon Card ( increases 20% damage against Fire Element) ?
Option: Vadon, Deviruchi, Elder Wilow, Baphomet
Answer: Elder Wilow

9)How many SP will be consumed when practice the Double Attack using the Knife?
Option: 15, 0-Because it's passively, 10-Because it's passively, 54
Answer: 0-Because it's passively

10)Which is the best elemental Sword in the izlude dungeon?
Option: Wind main gauche, Ice main gauche, Earth main gauche, Fire main gauche
Answer: Wind main gauche

3. Talk to NPC Smithrato (in_rogue 376 23) *Require to give him 10,000zenny and some items.

Item that is needed:
SET 1 : 10 Skel Bone,6 Blue Herb,10 Decayed Nail,10 Horrendous Mouth.
SET 2 : 10 Green Herb,10 Crap Shell,10 Scale of Snakes,10 Garlet.
SET 3 : 10 Yellow Herb,10 Shell,10 Grasshopper's Leg,10 Bear's Foot.
SET 4 : 5 Chrysalis,5 Empty Bottle,5 Iron Ore,5 Stone Heart.
SET 5 : 5 Red Herb,5 Animal's Skin,5 Yellow Gemstone.
SET 6 : 5 Tooth of Bat,5 Scorpion's Tail,5 Yoyo Tail.
SET 7 : 5 Monster's Feed,5 Fluff,5 Clover.
SET 8 : 5 Feather of Birds,5 Talon,5 Spawn,10 Raccoon Leaf.

4. NPC Smithrato will pick randomly of the the 4 NPC below and ask player to find.* Have to remember the Password and the Personís name:
NPC Name: Antonio Jr.
Location: cmd_fild04 304 180
Password: Antonio did not like breaking refining material

NPC Name: Aragham Jr.
Location: cmd_fild09 106 195
Password: Aragham didnít steal refining material.

NPC Name: Holgren Jr.
Location: cmd_fild09 335 143
Password: My father did not steal refining material.
(Tips:At third dialog selection please scroll down to choose.)

NPC Name: Hermanthon Jr.
Location: cmd_fild07 355 286
Password: 3019

5. After you foud the appointed NPC,he will open an entrance of the tunnel to return to Rogue Guild.There will be powerful monster such as Archer Skelton,Knight of Abyss and etc.Player must use Hiding skill to avoid and keep away from the enemies.Take note that the movement speed of the enemies might be low but they possess great attack power.

6. Proceed to talk to NPC Rogue Guildsman to perform Job Upgrade to Rogue.If player perform job upgrade at job level 50,he will receive a 3 slot Gladius.
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Rogue Change Job
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