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 Blacksmith Change Job

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PostSubject: Blacksmith Change Job   Blacksmith Change Job Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2008 7:21 pm

Job Requirement:
Merchant Job Lv40 and above

Change Job Quest:

Blacksmith Change Job 731
Guildsman Altiregen
ein_in01 (18, 28)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_0

1. Go to Blacksmith Guildsman (ein_in01 18 28). Blacksmith Guild (einbroch 254 122) 4 o'clock direction in Einbroch City.

Blacksmith Change Job 63
ein_in01 (201, 27)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_1

2. Then go to Getsufenst (ein_in01 201 27) in Einbech City (177 133). He will ask you a series of questions.

2 Sparkling Dust
1 Skel Bone
1 Zargon
1 Gladius

2 Steel
1 Rotten Bandage
1 Blue Gemstone
1 Arc Wand

2 Coal
2 Boody Red
2 Shell
1 Tsurugi

1 Ring Pommel Saber
8 Iron
20 Green Herb
2 Animal Skin

8 Iron Ore
2 Blue Gemstone
1 Eye Bandage
1 Arbalest

Questions & Answer:

a. For the examples below, which is not related?
Al De Baran - Leaf of Yggdrasil
Comodo - Verserk Potion
Al De Baran - Hammer
Alberta - Main Gauche
Answer: Al De Baran - Hammer

b. How much is a jellopy?
1 Zeny, 2 Zeny, 3 Zeny, 4 Zeny
Answer: 3 Zeny

c. What are the requirements to open a shop?
Answer: Have a cart

d. Where can Merchant change job?
Answer: Einbroch

e. Where is Morocc's weapon shop?
Answer: 5 o'clock

f. What weapon cannot use by a Merchant?
Answer: Claymore

g. What weapon has the highest defense?
Answer: Mink Coat

h. When making level 3 weapon, what is the stability level?
Answer: +5

i. What monster does not drop iron ore?
Answer: Anolian

j. What is the most important thing for a merchant?
Answer: Money

3. Go back to Getsufenst (ein_in01 201 27) in Einbech City (177 133) 3 o'clock direction. He will ask you to obtain material to make a weapon.After obtaining the item, Getsufenst will make the weapon.

4. Bring the weapon to one of the stated places to obtain the Merchant receipt.

Blacksmith Change Job 118
Hugel (168, 183)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_7
a. 12 o'clock of Hugel (168 183) to find a person named Bismark

Blacksmith Change Job 725
Morocc (27, 112)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_4
b. 8 o'clock of Morocc(28 112) to find a person named Whichebain

Blacksmith Change Job 69
Geffen (46, 164)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_3
c. 11 o'clock of Geffen(47 164) to find a person named Bysliter

Blacksmith Change Job 734
Lighthalzen (209, 80)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_5
d. 10 o'clock of Lighthalzen(209 80) to find a person named Grongast

Blacksmith Change Job 59
payon (214, 79)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_6
e. 5 o'clock of Payon(214 79) to find a person named Telpitz

5. Bring the merchant receipt to Getsufenst (ein_in01 201 27) in Einbech City (177 133) 3 o'clock direction.

6. Then go to einbroch 254 122 to talk to Mitmair(ein_01 24 40). You will be given a test. After passing the test, you will be given the hammer.

Blacksmith Change Job 726
ein_in01 (24, 41)

Blacksmith Change Job M60015_8

7. Bring the hammer to the Blacksmith Guildsman (ein_in01 18 28).

8. After passing the test you will be given 30 Steel.
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Blacksmith Change Job
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