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 Rogue: The Night's Fallen Angel

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PostSubject: Rogue: The Night's Fallen Angel   Rogue: The Night's Fallen Angel Icon_minitimeSun Feb 10, 2008 7:11 pm


Enhancing his/her skills learned from the days as a neighborhood ruffian, everybody avoids his/her eyes. Living in dullness, he/she decides to join the adventurers gathered by King Tristan III, thinking maybe the skills would work on monsters as well.

As a ruffian would be, he/she can take off an opponent's armor and take the weapon before the opponent even has the chance to notice, and is excellent with a dagger.

Also, while attacking, he/she is able use various other skills automatically. When the opponent is strong, he/she becomes sneaky. When the opponent is weak, he/she becomes peculiarly strong and has many other strange characteristics.

Others cannot understand and some watch with fright, but in reality, if he/she gets mad, nothing in sight can be considered safe.

"How far would you go for your own survival"
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Rogue: The Night's Fallen Angel
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