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 Priest Change Job

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PostSubject: Priest Change Job   Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:05 pm

Job Requirement:
Alcolyte job level 40

Change Job Quest:
1. Proceed to Prontera Church at around 1 o'clock direction in Prontera (prontera 234 314)

2. Travelling Pilgrimage - Talk to the NPC named High Priest (prt_church 17 38) and follows his instruction:
(a) Father Rubalkabara : Proceed to 1 o'clock direction at prt_fild03 (365 255) to find NPC Father Rubalkabara.
(b) Mother Mathilda : Proceed to around 11 o'clock direction of moc_fild07 (41 355) to find NPC Mother Marthilda.
(c) Father Yosuke : Proceed to around middle of prt_fild00 (208 218) to find NPC Father Yosuke.

3. Exorcist Pilgrimage - Talk to the NPC named Tough Father (job_prist 24 185) and talk to Peter S to get the test.
Note: Player may bring along a Priest to help doing the test, the Priest will need to equip a Rosary to help the player.
i) 13 Evil Characters - Weak Undead Monsters
ii) 4 Seduction - Demons (Devilruchi, Doppelganger, Dark Lord, Baphoment) that seduce player to give up job quest, players will have to choose the option "Go away".
iii) 6 Evil Spirit - Stronger Undead Monsters

4. Talk to the NPC named Sesil Nun to perform the test.

5. Return to the High Priest to task the mission.

Book will be given as a gift after successfully perform the job change quest to Priest.
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Priest Change Job
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