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 Bard Change Job Quest

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PostSubject: Bard Change Job Quest   Bard Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeMon Feb 04, 2008 2:20 pm

Job Requirement:
Archer with Job Lv40.

Change Job Quest:
1. Proceed to comodo city (211 155), talk to the Wandering bard (Ayealo) for registration.You need to bring one of the flower below to this npc:
Hinalle, Ment, Singing_Flower, Illusion_Flower, Aloe, Witherless_Rose, Frozen_Rose.
After find the flower then go back to talk to him again.

2. Proceed to Lutie city, talk to Christmas girl (Debra) inside the building at 1 o'clock of Xmas city (189 275).

3. Talk to Snow man at Xmas (134 112)

4. Talk to Christmas Youngman ( Peterson) at 11 o'clock of the Xmas city (117 304)

5. Talk to Hairy Uncle (Ken) at around 2 o'clock direction (176 236), the NPC will request you to collect 1 x chinese ink and 1 x sticky mucus.

6. Talk to Generous old lady (Mima) inside the building around middle of the xmas city (122 159). She will ask you to find the Snowman to get her the "World Biggest Salt".

7. Go to talk to the Snowman (xmas 134 112) to get the "World Biggest Salt". After that, return to Generous old lady again.

8. Talk to Christmas Clown npc (Howie) at around middle of the Xmas city (146 136).

9. Talk to Kids (Charlie & Marsha) at 3 o'clock direction ( 206 168).Talk to the Charlie first then he will ask you to talk to Marsha. Marsha will tell you about the Snowman.

10. Talk to the Snowman then the Snowman will give you two 'Piece of Cake'.

11. Go back Comodo 211 155 to find Ayealo. Then he will give you one test. When he sang one sentence then you just need to follow him to sing that sentence. After you pass the test then he will ask you whether you wan to change job directly or you wan to get souvenir from him. By changing job directly then you won’t get any item. If you Choose to get a souvenir from him then you need to collect some item for him then only he will give you the souvenir.

Items that are needed:
60 x Wooden Block
60 x Tree of Wisdom
60 x Tree of Nature
60 x Tree of Universe

* Wooden Block will get Violin
* Tree of Wisdom / Tree of Nature will get Mandolin
* Tree of Universe will get Lute / Harp
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Bard Change Job Quest
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