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 Taekwon Kid Change Job Quest

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Taekwon Kid Change Job Quest Empty
PostSubject: Taekwon Kid Change Job Quest   Taekwon Kid Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 9:34 pm

Job Requirement:
Novice with Job Lv10 or above.

Change Job Quest:
1. Proceed to Payon city and find NPC Bong Hwang (payon 157 141) for registration.

2. Increase Base Level by 1 level, if requested by the NPC.

3. Return to the NPC and answer the questions correctly. (You may retry until you get every answer right)

4. Job change complete!

*Please take note that an adopted child cannot change job to Taekwon Boy/Girl; and Taekwon Boy/Girl cannot be adopted as child.
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Taekwon Kid Change Job Quest
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