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 Thanatos Tower Quest

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PostSubject: Thanatos Tower Quest   Thanatos Tower Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:32 pm

1. Talk to the Entrance Manager (Gurter) at hu_fild01 140 163 to enter the tower. Entrance fee is 5000zeny (or 3000zeny for exploration helper).

2. In the tower entrance, talk to Guide (Dietzsche) at tha_t01 149 78 for introduction and you can also sign a mercenary contract to help clearing monster at the tower with her.

3. Guide (Rier) at tha_t01 140 78 is for prize redemption. Collect items from monsters in the tower to redeem.

4. When you reach the 2nd floor, you can proceed to the 3rd floor by talking to Entrance Manager (Blad) at tha_t02 231 161. However, you must have at least 5 members in your party to proceed

5. Find a Mechanism at tha_t03 67 70. You need equip with a level 4 weapon to get a Red Key.

6. Proceed to 4th floor, find another Mechanism at tha_t04 195 195. Enter the correct numeric combination to get a Yellow Key. (Refer to Number Guessing Game for more info)

7. Proceed to 5th floor, find Mechanism at tha_t05 101 37, you will need at least 3 characters to stand near it to get a Blue Key.

8. Proceed to 6th floor, find Mechanism at tha_t06 43 152, you will need to turn the wheels in the correct order. There are 3 ways to turn the wheel to obtain Green Key.

1) up - down - rotate - up - up
2) down - push - up - rotate - down
3) push - up - down - down - rotate

9. Proceed to 9th floor, Enter 'Blue Key' for Mechanism at tha_t09 19 158 to get a 'Black Key'.

10. Go back to 4th floor, insert 'Blue Key' to the Seal at tha_t04 150 44 to get Magic Gem Blue.

11. Proceed to 5th floor, insert 'Red Key' in to Seal at tha_t05 218 116 to get Magic Gem Red.

12. Proceed to 6th floor, enter 'Black Key' into Seal at tha_t06 226 230 to get Magic Gem Black

13. Proceed to 7th floor, enter 'Yellow Key' into Seal at tha_t07 113 129 to get Magic Gem Yellow.

14. Proceed to 10th floor, enter 'Green Key' into Seal at tha_t10 129 159 to get Magic Gem Green.

15. Proceed to 12th floor, insert Magic Gem Red into StoneStatue at tha_t12 96 59. (p/s must have gathered all gems)

16. Insert Magic Gem Yellow into StoneStatue at tha_t12 161 58.

17. Insert Magic Gem Blue into StoneStatue at tha_t12 104 18

18. Insert Magic Gem Black into StoneStatue at tha_t12 128 86.

19. Finally insert Magic Gem Green into StoneStatue at tha_t12 154 18.

20. The portal at the center of the room (tha_t12 130 51) will be activated. You can proceed to the top floor through the portal.

21. At top floor, insert a 'Piece Of Memory Purple' into the symbol at thana_boss 217 167. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have a Piece Of Memory Purple)

22. Insert a 'Piece Of Memory Green' into the symbol at thana_boss 202 75. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have Piece Of Memory Green)

23. Insert a 'Piece Of Memory Blue' into the symbol at thana_boss 80 76. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have Piece Of Memory Blue)

24. Insert a 'Piece Of Memory Red' into the symbol at thana_boss 62 171. Kill all the monsters spawned. (Must have Piece Of Memory Red)

25. Proceed to thana_boss 141 218. Monsters will appear when you approach. Defeat all the monsters.

26. After you have defeat all the monsters spawn on the five extended areas, MVP Thanatos will be spawned at the center of the map.
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Thanatos Tower Quest
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