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 Ice Necklace Quest

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Ice Necklace Quest Empty
PostSubject: Ice Necklace Quest   Ice Necklace Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:15 pm

Quest Requirement:


1. Talk to NPC Sincere Follower Urstialla at the middle of Rachel (157 183). After talking to Urstialla, you will get a Ashy Necklace and be give instructions to go to Ice Cave.

2. Go to ice_dun02 (120 105), talk to NPC Man in the Ice at 7'clock direction. He will instruct you to talk to Hamion in Rachel for help.

3. Go to Hamion at 4 o'clock direction of Rachel (264 98). Hamion will ask you to bring Hammer x 1, Rough Wind x 5 and Scroll x 1 to him. After giving him the required item, you will get Wind Hammer.

4. Go back to ice_dun02 (120 105), talk to NPC Man in the Ice. Use the Wind Hammer to break the ice. The Magician will help to cleanse the Ashy necklace. You will get a Sparkling Necklace and Freezing Snow Powder x 4.

5. Talk to NPC Sincere Follower Urstialla again at the middle of Rachel (157 183), Urstialla will express her thanks and you will obtain some EXP.

6. If you talk to NPC Mohadian at Rachel (113 97), you can sell Glacial Heart (dropped by Ice Titan, Snowier or Siroma monsters in Ice Dungeon) to her for 375z. This step is repeatable but please note that the NPC will buy all your Glacial Hearts in your inventory.

Optional Steps: Summoning KTULLANUX (Ice Cave MVP)
7. Must completely free the Man in the Ice in the previous steps.

8. Putting out the 4 Blazing Fire around the center of ice_dun03 with either Freezing Snow Powder or Ice Scale (dropped by KTULLANUX) will summon out KTULLANUX. The coordinate for the 4 Blazing Fire are :
ice_dun03 (126 126)
ice_dun03 (172 126)
ice_dun03 (172 172)
ice_dun03 (172 126)

Remark 1:
After KTULLANUX is defeated, a portal to ice_dun04.gat will be opened for a period of 20 seconds. The Blazing Flames will reactivate after 2 hours KTULLANUX is defeated.

Remark 2:
Details on the boy in ice at ice_dun04 and about KTULLANUX can be obtained at the library near "Loomin - 1st Class Secret" section (ra_san04 137 48)
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Ice Necklace Quest
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