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 President Quest

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PostSubject: President Quest   President Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:29 pm

1.Go to Lighthalzen City to find Ordinary Man(Ghalstein) (lighthalzen 179 170), He will ask about the feeling about this city. When you are leaving, you will hear him talking with somebody.

2.Talk to the NPC again and choose the selection as below:
2.1. but last night
2.2. confirm…
2.3. last night ……
2.4. I have no intention to interrogation you ..
2.5. the matter that Mr.Ghalstein dealing with...
End of dialog, talk to him again
2.6. help?
2.7. Agree to help
2.8. …..?
2.9. I agree
End of dialog, talk to him again

3. He will tell you the information that they are discussing, and will request you to sneak into the research institute basement to collect some items.

4. If you have done the Lighthalzen secret mission quest then you will be able to go into Research Laboratory by the Underwater Tunnel.Hit some monsters to get 10x Lab Staff Record and 10x Armlet Of Prisoner. After that go to 1 oclock direction (lhz_dun02 281 278) of the map to find A Broken Manufacturing. Select “Let me check it” and “It seems like an important object,” and you will get a Pile Of Ymir Heart.

5. Give all the quest items to Ordinary Man.He will request you go to a place nearby Yuno to find Dismal Guy (Gushaar) (yuno_fild04 165 245) and give you Indication Of Member。

6. After you found Gurshaar, talk to him and select “ Red Pill” and “yes”. Talk to him until he tell you the time to meet president, you will need to meet the president at 11:00am - 2:00pm or 8:00pm – 11:00pm.

7. Find the Secretary within the meeting period and select “err”(yuno 157 318), then you will be sent to the waiting room. Talk to the “Guard”. He will tell you that the president is meeting somebody. Wait a while, and talk to him again to enter president's room.

8. After talking to Mr.President, he will give you a mission. You are requested to go to find Venice and receive a Thin Document File from him.

9. After leaving the president's room, you will heard some voice from president’s room. Pass the Thin Document File to the Secretary, and now you can go to find Venice.

10. Talk to the Kapra Employee at (aldebaran 58 225), she will tell you where to find Venice.

11. Find Venice at Kapra Headquarter (aldeba_in 155 240). She will ask you go to field (Crater of Death) between Lighthalzen and Einbroch to find Jargeah

12. When you found Jargeah at (lhz_fild02 224 220), he is injured. Tell him “kapra”, and he will know you are sented by Venice, and give you the “Sealed Document File”. After that return to Venice.

13. Talk to Venice and tell her that Jargeah is dead, and give the “Sealed Document File” to her. She will ask you to bring it to the president.

(You need to solve the Inheritance of curses mission first before continuing the following steps
* If you have done the Shinokas mission and give the Case of Xinucarse to the president then the president will ask you to find kapra around Lighthalzen.)

※If you didn’t solve the Shinokas mission before then the president will request you to go to Einbroch to get more information.

14. Go to the field around Lighthalzen to find a NPC mystery girl (she is an invisible NPC and will only appear when you go near lhz_fild01 76 214),Talk to her and she will ask you to go to Rekenber headquarter to steal a document.

15. Go to find a NPC called “researcher” (lhz_in01 285 169),and he will give you a ”Card To Enter Document Room” so that you will be able to go to steal the document.

16. At the document room, wait until the guard change shift. After that put the card into the slot, and type in password (738495) to go in to the room.

17. Inside the document room, use the File Search Engine to search for the document. Enter “shinokas” and a message will appear regarding the document is located at 1-5 area. Go and check on it to get the Case of Xinucarse

18. Go back to find the researcher and the mystery women. The mystery women (Esuna) will ask you to give the Case of Xinucarse to the president.

19. Talk to the president again and he will ask you to find the Esuna again. Return to Esuna. She will give information to you. Return to the president.

20. After given the information to the president, then he will ask you to find Esuna again to know why so many people were sacrificed.

21. Talk to Esuna. She will tell you that there is a traitor within the institute, named “Kerelle”. Go to inform the president.

22. Report all informations to the president. The president will ask the guards to find Kurelle, but it is too late, the president had losed.

23. Return to Lighthalzen and tell the incident to the Ordinary Man. He will give you a gift and some experience.
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President Quest
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