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 Hellion Quest (Nile Rose)

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PostSubject: Hellion Quest (Nile Rose)   Hellion Quest (Nile Rose) Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:37 pm

Based Level 60 and above

1) Go into the Hotel of Morrocc at the 5 O'clock direction to find Old Scholar Tyler (morocc_in 116 101) and talk to him

2) Find Craine Hefron at prontera(prontera 269 326), select “He wants me to help you”.

3) Go to prontera 223 82 to find an instruction (Miss Vegetable N9 W3 BINGO) .

4) Go to prontera 45 67, search until a small window pop up, type “BINGO" to get a serial number 3847147298.

5) Return to Craine Hefron. Obtain a Wheel and go to Prontera item shop.

6) Go to (prt_in 129 75). Check on the unknown machine. Put back the wheel and enter 3847147298.

7) Return to Old Scholar Tyler after receiving Piece Of Slate.

8) Go to payon to find Cloud Deca(payon 182 132). Pay 10,000 zeny and get Stone Heart, Green Herb, Grape Juice and Skirt of Virgin.

9) Find the location of the symbol indicated on the mini map (payon 101 190). Return to Cloud Deca to get the next clue. Symbols will disappear if you logout.

10) Repeat the steps again at (payon 82 109), (payon 239 56) and (payon 240 160).

11) After finding the fourth clue, Cloud Deca will give you the last clue (payon 159 129).

12) Find the dusty, Cloud Deca will tell you go to the Archer Association to find a big stone statue (pay_arche 142 28).

13) Talk to the statue. Wrong answers will results instant death. Obtain the 2nd Piece Of Slate.

14) Return to Old Scholar Tyler and get the third Piece Of Slate. Go to Geffen to find Sage Shawn(geffen 110 200)

15) Talk to Sage Shawn, select "Please help me". Find Anuchi(gef_tower 116 37) to get a report.(A White Potion is needed if choosed wrongly to continue the quest)

16) Talk to Anuchi, select "I’m just a messenger”.Then key in“Research Monsters Geffen Area".

17) Return to Sage Shawn. Find Anuchi again and bring a Blue Gemstone. Then Answer "Balaskaf" to get the last Piece Of Slate.

18) Return to Old Scholar Tyler.Then find Sage Shawn again.

19) Combine all the Slates. Then he will ask you if you need to find the Dark Priest or not. Whatever player select will not affect the result of quest

20) Go to entrance at (gef_fild09 298 56) if select to find DARK PRIEST.

21) Either defeat it(get Eye Of Hellion) or not, return to Old Scholar Tyler.

22) Obtain reward of NILE ROSE(Accessory),plus Old Blue Box if deteated DARK PRIEST.
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Hellion Quest (Nile Rose)
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