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 Magic Sword Quest

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PostSubject: Magic Sword Quest   Magic Sword Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:35 pm

1.Talk to Camping Young man (Rockha) at Comodo (204 310). Select [Continue Conversation (About Mayor)]

2.Talk to another Camping Young man (Rochito) at Comodo (206 310). Select [Inquire Barbecue Meat]

3.Go to the building at Comodo (115 288) and find Mayor (Chu Jang). Obtained [Magic Pepper].

4. Find Rochito and give him the Magic Pepper. Obtain [Rosy Red Wine].

5. Return to Mayor (Chu Jang) and give him the Rosy Red Wine.

6. Return to Rochito. He informed you about there is a PUB you can inquire about BS_Cave_Cheese.

7. Talk to Rockha again.

8. Go to Comodo (88 97) and talk to the Cheese Specialist (TORUNA). Select [Comodo is the town inside the cave?]

9. Go to Comodo (164 291) and talk to Comodo people (Rakusa).

10. Talk to Comodo people (Kichiri) at Comodo (169 284).

11. Talk to the Comodo alcohol (Magatu) at Comodo (163 280).

12. Go to Comodo Casino and find the Casino gambler (Manzi) at Cmd_in02(189 99) and give him the cap of Pop.

13. Talk to the Hu la hoop Lady (Hullaris) at Comodo (187 153).

14. Go to beach_dun3(30 220) and look for Training Magician (Nigirboran). Talk to him again to take the test.
{When you passed the test you will receive [The Button of Bishop]}.

15. Return to Hullaris and give her the [Button of Bishop].She will give you the Cave Cheese.

16. Go to Aldebaran(44 53) and find the practicing magician (Moet Leng Good). Obtained [Milinile Slate].
{Need to prepare Blue Gemstone x1, Sky Blue Jewel x1, Blue Jewel x1, Shining Stone x1, Elunium Stone x1, Spider Web x1}.

17. Go to Morocc (201 30) and look for NPC Mjolnir Hordes (ZAKA). Obtained [Book Of Tired Sheep].
{Prepare Scale of Snakes x2, Scale Shell x1, Shining Scales x1, Rotten Scale x1.}

18. Talk to the Roamer Swordman (WON) at Comodo (232 87). Obtained [Milinile Stamp].

19. Talk to NPC Shaze at Morocc (281 178) for information on Grimtooth.

20. Go to Prontera (197 188) to find Beeyo to know about info on Mystleltainn.

21. Find Nahlen at izlude_in(173 89).

22. Talk to Carter at Prontera Inn (prt_in 162 11).

23. Find the man (Blacksmith) at Pay_fild08 (218 283). Prepare the materials for him to make the swords (optional).

[1] Mysteltainn : Young Twig x1, Loki's Whispers x1, Mother's Nightmare x1, Foolishness of Blind x1, Emperium x1
[2] Grimtooth : Old Hilt x1, Blade Lost In Darkness x10, Cardinal Jewel x5, Ogre Tooth x100, Emperium x1
[3] Executioner : Executioner's Mitten x2, Bloody Edge x10, Frozen Heart x3, Amulet x50, Emperium x1

24. Go to Yuno(261 99) look for A sage Ichealla. Obtained [The Real Muriel's Stamp].
{Prepare Claw of Desert Wolf x3, Tooth of Bat x10, Egg Shellx1.}

25. Talk to A sage Shichealla at Yuno(305, 207). Obtained [Muriniel's Stanping Ink]
{Prepare Red Herb x20, Stone x5, Stone Heart x1}.

26. A sage Eschealla at Yuno (213 298). Obtained [Muriniel's Compass].
{Prepare Iron Ore x2, Acorn x10, Decayed Nail x5, Brigan x2, Phracon x1. }

27. Go to Mjolnir_02(170 193). Search the hut to obtain [The Muriniel's stipend].

28. Walk down from the hut and meet the Middle Age Man (Walker) at Mjolnir_02 (186 193).
{Prepare Emperium x1,Tentacle x3, Coal x1, Amulet x25, Frozen Heart x1. }

29. Talk to the Old Man (Cutting nail old man, Molf) at Payon (248 159).
{Prepare Old Hilt x3, Coal x1, Wooden Block x3, Foolishness of Blind x3, Orge Tooth x50. }

30. Talk to the Bachelor (Hyui) at Morocc (248 159). You will randomly get 1 of the 3 Magic swords.
{Prepare Bloody Edge x9, Blade Lost in Darkness x6, Ruby x9 and Loki's Whispers x1.}

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Magic Sword Quest
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