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 Lost Child Quest

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PostSubject: Lost Child Quest   Lost Child Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:16 pm

Quest Requirement:
Base Level 60 or above.

1. Go to the building at around 11 o'clock of Rachel (98 238). Go inside to the 1st Floor at (ra_in01 384 246) and talk to Vincent. He will ask you to help him retrieve the lost jem and a guy name Phobe.

2. Go outside the building and talk to Logan (Rachel 114 232). He is new and ask you to find some senior workers about that.

3. Go inside the building again to find Manson (ra_in01 372 200). He will mentioned about the gardener Jenny who introduce Phobe to work here.

4. Find Jenny at the garden near 10 o'clock of Rachel (48 236). She will tell you to find Phobe in the market.

5. Talk to the Idle Merchant at the market a few steps south from middle of Rachel (138 73), but he failed to remember anyone that you are looking for. Try another merchant then.

6. Talk to another Idle Merchant further down south at Rachel (120 47). He will mentioned a message for someone who is looking for Phobe to go to the Ice Cave.

7. Meet a suspicious Man at the entrance of Ice Cave at the north of (ra_fild01 245 325). He will attack you when you talk to him (HP -50%). You will find out he is hired by Vincent. Return to Vincent.

8. Go back to Vincent (ra_in01 384 246) and listen to his explaination. Agree to find Phobe again.

9. Talk to the Kid at 5 o'clock direction of Rachel (273 32) and find out that he is Phobe. Receive the jewel and head back to Vincent.

10. Return the jewel to vincent (ra_in01 384 246) and he will ask you to inform Jenny about Phobe.

11. Go tell Jenny (Rachel 48 236) that Phobe is safe.

12. Return to Vincent (ra_in01 384 246). Obtain an Old Violet Box and some random EXP.
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Lost Child Quest
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