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 Sick Father Quest

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PostSubject: Sick Father Quest   Sick Father Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:12 pm

1. Go into the house at hugel(153 149) , you will see Airon Swee (hu_in01 387 245) lying sick on his bed. He will ask you to find his son outside the village.

2. Go and find Puste Swee at hu_fild06 (34 123). He will ask you to look after his father for him until he return.

3. Return to Airon. He will ask you to give him a White Potion to relief his pain. Give to him. After that he will ask you to pass him the "Kang Bei King" medicine inside the upper drawer (hu_in01 370 255).

4. At this part of the quest, walk to the upper drawer before a "Flash of Light" appears to get the medicine. If the light flashed before a dialog box prompt out, Airon's pain is lessen, and you will have to check on Airon again. Repeat the process to get the medicine again.

5. When you get the "Kang Bei King" Medicine, give it to Airon. Repeat the above process again until his son appear.

6. Check on the drawer again to get a Old Blue Box.
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Sick Father Quest
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