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 Kyle Hyre Quest

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PostSubject: Kyle Hyre Quest   Kyle Hyre Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 10:06 pm

NOTE: Base Level 70 or more

1. Go to Yuno Pub at yuno 9 o'clock area (yuno 51,105) help the Pub Master to deliver some culinary Wine to Mrs. Lecollane in Kiehl Hyre Academy.

2. Talk to the Security Guard (yuno_fild08 158 194 or 158 185). He will request on the name of the recipient and the item delivered. Key in Mrs. Lecollane Culinary Wine.

3. Heard of rumors from some student (kh_school 57 142 57 193) that there are strange happening in the academy.

4. Proceed to the classroom and pass the item to Mrs. Lecollane (kh_school 176 60). Heard some crashing voice from her student. Try check it out

5. The cute student Elly (kh_school 179 39) have messed up her cooking again, offer to help her. Prepare Cheese x 2 ,Milk x 7,Cacao x 5. Also help her collect Culinary Wine x1, Bag of Flour x1 and Egg x1

6. Inform Cezu (yuno 217 114) about Elly's request. She will inform you that the stock is out.Proceed to Lighthalzen to collect the goods for her.

7. Obtain the ingredients [Delivery Box x1] from the windmill Owner (lighthalzen 366 299). He is at lighthalzen 1 oclock area. Go back to Cezu.

8. Hand over the Delivery Box to Cezu and obtain the ingredients [Delivery Box x1] for Elly.

9. Go back to yuno Pub. Pub Master will provide [Tavern Wine x1] for Elly's ingredient. Go back to Elly

10. Pass the ingredients to Elly. Talk to her again and she will reward you Well Baked Cookie x5. She will request you to deliver the cookies to her Grandpa. Agree to help her.

11. Proceed to Kiehl Hyre Cottage at yuno_fild02 and talk to the Keeper (yuno_fild02 93 210) and found that the owner is not around. Return to Elly

12. Told Elly that his Grandpa is not available. Elly will ask you to go to the villa again. Obtain "Villa Spare Key" from her.

13. Open the door (yuno_fild02 75 218) and a strip of paper falled down with "Forward 6, Left 3, Forward 3, Left 4" written on it. Proceed into the villa.

14. In the room, search around and you will found a Letter for Elly on the floor (kh_vila 179 11). Return to Elly

15. Elly entrust you to help her find the item her Grandpa left her in the villa. Also obtained info on the strange happening in the academy. Elly told you that if anything happen to her, you may help her by saying "Don't sleep anymore wake up Elly" to her. You may meet her at her dormitory after finding the item.

16. Return to the villa. Search inside the room. Check on the Books on the bookshelf and you will trigger a device that open a secret passage inside the room.
(p/s: the chance to trigger the device is random, try again if found nothing)

17. Check on the wall (kh_vila 91 14) near the staircase and found that there is a passage behind the gap in the wall. Enter the passageway.

18. You have come to the villa's kitchen storage. There is a box (kh_vila 16 175) containing a Pet Food Vending Machine. You may buy Pet Food x1 for 1100zeny. NOTE: The Pet Food is needed for certain part of the quest later. Player can choose not to buy if there is Pet Food in his inventory

19. Check on the Map (kh_vila 44 126) on the wall of the dining room, and found that there is a rough part on the map. Removing the stickiness on the map might able to get the thing off the map. Go back to the kitchen.

20. The steam from the kettle (kh_vila 33 184) might help reduce the stickiness on the map. Get it. Return to the dining room.

21. Obtain a piece of paper with certain rhyme or hint on something. Search around the villa again.

22. Check on the Calabash (kh_vila 14 55) in the villa and found that there is something inside it.Get "Old Copper Key"

23. Check on the pool (kh_vila. 39 41) in the garden. There is a Lion Figure with two hands above the pool. Pulling the Left Hand will drain the pool and showed a button at the bottom of the pool. Push the Button will trigger something from the stairs at the hallway.

24. Proceed to the 2nd floor of the villa. You will find a dog (kh_vila 181 178) guarding the entrance. Try sneak around it by using Pet Food to lure its attention.
(note: Pet Food is needed everytime you need to sneak pass it)

25. Go to the bed room and check on the drawer (kh_vila 115 186) next to the bed and found "Yellow Key Card"

26. Go to the reading room and check on the Desk (kh_vila 118 144. Found a paper "The Kiehl Hyre Foundation's Official Seal" )

27. Check on the medicine Chest (kh_vila 123 170). Found jumble of bottles with different colors. Try dripping the paper with one of the reagent. BLUE reagent will reveal some texts written by "a Little Lost Devil".

28. Check on the sword hilt(kh_vila 136 68) and found four swords and four serpent engraving with holes. Put
1st Sword - 2nd Snake
2nd Sword - 4th Snake
3rd Sword - 1st Snake
4th Sword - 3rd Snake
After putting the sword into the correct place, you will be transfer to another place.

29. Check on the test tube (kh_vila 185 68) with a solemn looking old man and found a red button. Press the button and the old man start to talk. Answer his question with "a little lost devil" and he will give you a set of numbers : 4772961

30. Check on the box (kh_vila 107 126) on the 2nd floor. Open it with the Old Copper Key. Obtain "Green Key Card".

31. Check on the bookshelf (kh_vila.gat 181 138) and found a book with title "For Elly". Check on it and found a metal steel wall behind the books.Check on it and found 2 key holes. Insert "Villa Spare Key" into the 1st hole, and "Green Key Card" into the 2nd hole. Obtain Grey Box. Go find Elly in her dormitory.

32. Go to the back of the academy (9oclock area) and found a window (yuno_fild08 69 185) to Elly's room.Use the drainpipe to climb up. Will need many attempt to succeed.

33. Inside Elly's room, you found that she is standing still in the room and did not respond to you. Check on the cookie basket (kh_school 175 176) and found a note hinting that Elly might be Stoned.

34. Try talk to her (kh_school 177 180) telling her "Don't sleep anymore wake up Elly". Something dropped from her hands. Obtained "Gold Key" and "Button". Use the "Gold Key" to open the grey box. Found a note and a "Blue Key Card" inside the box. The note hints to find Allysia in the factory.

35. Search around the cemetary around the chapel as hinted in the note and found the entrance(yuno_fild08 71 170). Insert the "Yellow Key Card" and enter the password "4772961"

36. Check on the door (kh_dun01 235 48) at 5o'clock area of the map and insert the Blue Key Card. Enter the room.

37. Show Allysia (kh_school 119 149) the Gold Key to prove that you are a friend of Elly. Then you will be moved to the next room. (p/s: showing the wrong item may result Allysia to summon monsters to attack you.)

38. Allysia (kh_school 122 186) will tell you her story and asked you to help locating Mr. Kiehl Hyre who was held prisoner in the factory. Obtain "Red Key Card".

39. Check on the mechanical device (kh_dun01 162 206) and open it with "Red Key Card".

40. Search around the corridor and heard someone behind a door (kh_dun01 224 233). Found Mr. Kiehl Hyre's location. He will pushed a "Steel Piece" under the door to you. Return to Allysia.

41. Hand over the "Steel Piece" to Allysia. She will activate some function to save Mr. Kiehl Hyre. She asked you to find them at Lighthalzen's Kiehl Hyre's Mansion. (lighthalzen 187 202 around 1 oclock area)

42. Go to lighthalzen and find Mr. Kiel Hyre. Show the Steward (kh_mansion 78 54) the Golden Key and he will take you to his master.

43. Talk to Kiehl hyre (kh_mansion 22 28) and get his story. He will ask you to get the information from Allysia after a while answering.

44. Get informations regarding the Humanoids from Allysia (kh_mansion 18 30). When you have finished, talk to Kiehl Hyre whom will reward you a Taming Gift Box. Leave the mansion.

45. When you came out of the mansion (lighthalzen 188 200), something hit you in the head, and you felt unconcious.

46. When you are awake, you find yourself with a suspicious lady (kh_mansion 25 79) who claimed to be member of Schwaltvalt Intelligence bureau. Tell her your relation with Kiehl Hyre. She will asked your help to investigate on Kiehl Hyre. Agree to help them. She will tell you her name is Mitchell Layla and told you to investigate on incident at Yuno that a lady saw Allysia 30 years ago. When you are ready, she will send you to Yuno.

47. Check on the Odd grandma (yuno 257 140) regarding the case.

48. Ask the Old Lady (yuno 250 132) nearby about the Odd Grandma. And found that the grandma is the mother to Allysia, and also the story of Allysia with the Rosimer Family. Asked her to let you enter the Rosimer Mansion. Obtain Rosimer Key.

49. Check on the table (kh_rossi 23 23) in the Guest room and found a portrait of the family in the drawer. Obtain "Family Portrait".

50. Check on the bookshelf (kh_rossi 92 40) in the study room. There is a locked drawer. Use Key 1 to open it and obtain Ellysia Portrait.
continue here

51. Inside one of the servant's room, check on the desk (kh_rossi 144 286). Check inside the 2nd drawer and found a letter writen by Kiehl Hyre. Obtain Kyll Hire Letter2. Check inside the 3rd drawer. And found a letter of engagement to Allysia by James Rosimer.

52.Check on the bed (kh_rossi 154 286) in the same room and found a ring box with no ring inside.

53. Check on the bookshelf (kh_rossi 148 288) in the same room and discover a note. Obtain Piece Memo Of James.

54. Return to the Old Lady outside the mansion. She will mentioned about a Fisherman at the south of Kiehl Hyre academy who found Allysia's dead body.

55. Prepare 10 Fish Slice to initiate dialog with the fisherman (yuno_fild12 232 222). He mentioned of a guy buying the ring from Allysia's dead body with high price, and that he lived somewhere north east in the forest, a cottage near the Guard's campsite.

56.Found a board (yuno_fild09 158 217) near the cottage. Under the board is a picture of a young man who look quite like Kiel Hyre. Obtain Man Portrait. Go back to Mitchell.

57. Talk to the steward to enter Mitchell's place.

58. Mitchell will give you a radio bug to wear and ask you to find Kiehl Hyre.

59. Talk to Kiehl Hyre and learn the whole story of his past. He will ask you to investigate on his son Kiehl, which is the 2nd Gen Humanoid. Obtain Toy Motor. Talk to Kiehl Hyre again and a portal to Kiehl's Room is opened.

60.Check on the receiver (kh_kiehl01 17 39) and the device will summon some monsters. Kill all the monsters to obtain "Black Key Card".

61. Check on the flower vase (kh_kiehl01 13 40) . And found some strange writing under the vase "the rabbit often observes the door.the night eats the pickled orange."

62. Check on the box (kh_kiehl01 19 24) and found some strange arrangement of keys. Key in "OPEN THE DOOR" Obtain Toy Key.

63. The door (kh_kiehl01 44 33) is opened by the box. Enter it.

64. Found another Big Door (kh_kiehl01 173 40). Use "Toy Key" to open it.

65. Another Big Door (kh_kiehl01 77 107) in the 3rd room. Use "Black Key Card" to open it.

66. Found the 4th room with many test tubes. Check on the test tubes and some monsters will appear. Kill all monster and get a "Black Key Card". Use the key to open the next door (kh_kiehl01 42 178).

67. Found a large door (kh_kiehl01 166 187) which seems movable. Try touching it few times, some monster will appear. Try moving the door again several times until the door is open a little. Apply "Sturdy Iron Piece" to the door several times until a passable space is formed. (Note: Sturdy Iron Piece can be obtained from monsters in this map)

68. After enter the room (kh_kiehl02 49 10) some monsters will appear.

69. Found Kiehl (kh_kiehl02 50 52), and he will summon some minions to challenge you. Kill them. Talk to Kiehl again. Then Mitchell will cut in, trying to arrest him. Kiehl will transform innto Battle mode (change into monster). Defeat him. After defeating him, the self detonate alarm will sound and some scandals behind the story will be revealed. Mitchell will be taken away. You may retrieve Allysia's ring from the immobile Kiehl. Obtain "Ellysia Ring". Return to Kiehl Hyre.

70. Report on the happenings to Kiehl Hyre. He will reward you Old Card Album X1and some Exp. He will give you a Fancy Key Card to investigate on the factory. Gain access to the 2nd floor of Kiehl Factory.

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Kyle Hyre Quest
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