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 Ninja: Shuriken

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[img]Ninja: Shuriken Ninjaclass

The Ninja is a new expanded class available for players to chose from beginning with episode 10.4: Hugel. Ninja's specialize in a variety of ranged shuriken and kunai attacks, stealth and melee strikes, and ninpo magic skills.

Ninja change class directly from Novice once you hit Job 10. Unlike most classes in RO, they do not have an advanced form. To make up for this, Ninjas have a different job experience requirement, and reach max job level at Job 70. While this one class role may seem restrictive, the different types of skills and weapons you can specialize in will make you different from those ninjas around you.

Ninja Details

Ninja has three main skill trees. Players may chose to specialize in one of these, or branch across several of them to make a unique build that suits them.

The following is information about specific weapons that ninjas have at thier disposal.

* Togatana: Throwing Weapon technique. Those specializing in togatana will combine the use of Daggers with throwing weapons such as Shurikens and Kunais, and can wield and throw the massive two handed Huuma Shuriken.
* Taijutsu: Martial Arts technique. Those specializing in taijutsu will use stealth and various skills to suprise the enemy with sudden, leathal attacks and evade incoming damage.
* Ninpou: Ninja Magic technique. These skills use the various Ninja techniques to produce a varied number of elemental magical attacks.

Ninja's then must chose primarially between either strength with Togatana and Taijutsu or intelligence with Ninpou skills. How you specialize though your other stat points or traverse these skill trees is up to you.

Ninja's have different attack speed based on the weapon you have equipped. Unarmed, ninja's have a base attack speed of 160 (0.8s between attacks). With daggers, they have a base attack speed of 150 (1s between attacks). With Huuma Shuriken is 125 (1.5s between attacks). Huuma Shurikens are two handed weapons, and are required for the Huuma Shuriken Throwing skill. Ninja's cannot use berserk potions.

Ninja's HP/SP modifiers grow unusually, with thier lower levels increasing slowly and the modifier growing as they level. At max level Ninja's can expect to have roughly the same HP as that of a Bard/Dancer. Their sp modifier is roughly the same as Monks and Crusaders. At level 99 a Ninja with no stats would have 4080 HP and 522 SP. Ninja's have a base weight limit of 2600, and increased by 30 times thier base strength (same wight capacity as that of acolyte class characters).

Ninjas, like all other expanded jobs, cannot be adopted or rebirth. There is no restrictions on marrage though.
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Ninja: Shuriken
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