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 Tokens of Love

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PostSubject: Tokens of Love   Tokens of Love Icon_minitimeTue Feb 12, 2008 4:29 pm

Tokens of Love
Date Posted: Feb. 12, 2008

See the sparkle shining in your loved one’s eyes! Surprise them with one of the latest animated headgears!

She will surely squeal in delight when she sees this very cute bunny top hat!

Tokens of Love Post-32216-1202825918_thumb
Bunny Top Hat

An energetic Bunny Band perfect for a magic show. Agi +3.
Adds a chance to cast lv 5 Increase Agi when dealing physical damage.

4000 Rok Points (200 Php)

For the man and the hero of your life, an Orc Hero Headress!

Tokens of Love Post-32216-1202825929_thumb
Orc Hero Headress

A true Orc Hero's headgear.
It's so big and heavy that it might hurt your neck. Str +3.
Adds a chance to cast lv 3 Power Thrust when dealing physical damage.

7000 Rok Points (350 Php)

And remember a token of love will be more appreciated if it comes from the heart!

Have a ROK’in Valentine!

How to Purchase Items:

1. Login to My Level Up account (

2. Click on Add Credits under the Load Up! section

3. Input Card Number & PIN

4. Press Load Up! Now button

5. Go to Use Credits under the Load Up! section

6. Select desired game account to load to

7. Press Next button

8. Choose desired Rok Points amount

9. Click Submit

10. Receive confirmation message of “Congratulations! You have used…”

11. Login to the game using game account

12. Go to Cash Merchant NPC Locations

13. Drag an desired item/s on sale and click the Buy button

14. Check inventory for purchased items.
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Tokens of Love
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