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 Koneko Hat: New animated headgear!

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Koneko Hat: New animated headgear! Empty
PostSubject: Koneko Hat: New animated headgear!   Koneko Hat: New animated headgear! Icon_minitimeTue Feb 05, 2008 4:47 pm

Koneko Hat
Date Posted: Feb. 05, 2008


Itís white! Itís cute! If thatís not enough, it comes packed with awesome attributes to boot!

Itís the KONEKO Hat. You can get this irresistibly cute hat for only 350 php (7000 rok points)! Oh, and the animation is really a sight to behold! Now who canít resist those adorable little eyes? Adopt one now!

Koneko Hat: New animated headgear! Pbucket

Koneko Hat

A magical kitty hat which shows various expressions in its face.
Reduces Cast Delay of all skills by 3%. MATK +3%, MSP +3%. MDEF +3.

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Koneko Hat: New animated headgear!
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