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 Priest: God Messenger

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Priest: God Messenger

Priest: God Messenger Priest___Ragnarok_online_by_citrus_shood

The way of the sword is something not the path that some adventurer wish for. These are the people who feel that they have a greater calling. Acolytes who want to be more helpful to others strengthen their faith and their beliefs to pass a test of danger and temptation. Those who succeed and not succumb to the fear of the undead and the sweet whisper of demons are ordained as Priest.

Priest are one of the core pillar of society in Rune Midgard. Without these benevolent healers, many great adventurers and guilds would not have risen up to the high ranks they now hold. Priests can mold the divine powers granted onto them to heal others or to strengthen their comrades. They can open up Warp Portals to transport people to different areas and they have a host of skills that are benificial to any adventuring party. Priests are also the bane of demons and the undead and they have the ability to make ghouls and wraiths instantly crumble to dust.

Knowing the skills of healing and benificial magic isn't enough to make one Priest. Priests must also understand the needs of others. These are many who will ask for aid and one Priest cannot heal everyone. Priests will have to know patience and be kind, even when turning down a plea for help. Priests are capable of mixing their skills for sup[port, thought some prefer to learn the Magnus Exorsismus to help them purge the world of demons and undead. Learning this skill can limit the Priest's supportive abilities.

"Can you truly undeadstand the needs of others?"
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Priest: God Messenger
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