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 Wizard: Spirit of Nature

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Wizard: Spirit of Nature Wizard

The studies of one enchanted by the lure magic never truly ends. The might that can be gained from the elemental forces is something that many Magicians would loathe to let go of. With the ascension to the rank of Wizard, these mystic practitioners gain access to even mightier spells.

Wizards are masters of destructive power. They can cast spells that rain lightning storms or fiery meteors upon their unsuspecting foes. They have a variety of spells that they can use to defeat monsters or to defend Guild Agits (castles) during siege (Warp of Emperium). However, their focus on their mastery of magic has made Wizard physically weak. To make up for this weakness, a spell called Energy Coat was developed. Wizards can learn this skills and it will help reduce physical damage to them, making them survive longer in battle.

Those who manage to survive and grow in magical might as Wizards are those who realize their own strengths and weaknesses. They will prefer to keep their distance and incapacitate their enemies by using spells like Frost Diver, Stone Curse, Fire Pillar or Quagmire. To be effective Wizards must also train their spells before their opponents reach them. Wizards are very important tactical piece in siege defense. Pity to the Knight who walks in unprepared againts a wizard's Storm Gust.

"What would you be willing to give up for true power?"
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Wizard: Spirit of Nature
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