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 Monk: Lonely Ascetic

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PostSubject: Monk: Lonely Ascetic   Mon Feb 04, 2008 2:44 pm


There are those within the holy order who are not lacking in kindness, yet they burn with a sense of righteousness; a need to set right all the wrongs in this world. These young Acolytes train their bodies as well as their minds. They learn to withstand temptation and they also learn that it sometimes takes more than a kind to sway a person from doing evil. Once accepted into order of Monks, they can preach with the strength of their fists as well as their words.

Monks seek to discipline themselves in order to focus their strength property. They maintain their faith and they enhance it with physical training. Monks are learn a variety of skills, but there is for - the dealy Extremity Fist (Asura Strike). This skills is the single, most deadly ability that can drop even the most heavily armored of Knight. It's a spiritual; attack that ignore armor and few are able to survive its effects. The setback of this attack is that it saps all of the Monk's spiritual strangth, yet it is the Monk's most defining skills.

Monks still keep their healing skills as an Acolyte and they gain many new abilities for combat. Some monks prefer to practice combination attacks and are often quick on their feet avoid enemy attacks. Others are more focused, training to perfect their execution of the Extremity Fist skill. They increase the strength of their muscles, their minds and their manual dexterity in order to strike before their opponents an react.

"What do you see in front of your fist?"
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PostSubject: Proper Monk Etiqutte:   Tue Feb 05, 2008 2:42 pm

Proper Monk Etiqutte:

1. When you defeat a level 99 character of another player with an Asura,
never ever call them weak. Remember that the Asura skill is really made to
instantly kill an avatar.

2. Never insult another player.

3. Never use Asura + (Insert foul word here) + Character select combo.
It is really insulting to other players.

4. Never use Vigor Absorption to annoy other Monks. If you want to,
ask their permission first.

5. Never hesitate to Heal and buffs another player even if there is a Priest
in the area. Remember, you are the secondary healer.

6. Remember to use polite words. like "Please" and "Thank You". Remember,
you are representing the Monk class and as you were once Acolytes. You
should also have the manners of one.

7. Lastly, never brag about the Asura damage. Always remember that the
Asura skills is really made to deal tons of damage. Gawi
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Monk: Lonely Ascetic
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