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 Hunter: Gurdian of Nature

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PostSubject: Hunter: Gurdian of Nature   Mon Feb 04, 2008 1:38 pm


The time comes when the fascination with archery evolves into something different. A calling is heard by many bowman and the trill of the hunt begins to take over the excitement of hitting a simple bull's-eye. Wit and instinct guide them to entrap their prey before going in for the kill. Patience, skill and deadly accuracy soon come together to be embodied in these people known as Hunters.

With the basic skills of Archery under their belt, Hunters learn many new skills to enhance their capabilities. First they learn how to tame falcons to have as friend and comrades in battle. These falcons can aid a hunter by flying at top speed into enemy with their razor-sharps claws. Hunter call the skill Blitz Beat and it is suitable name. Hunter also learn to set many different kinds traps: they can immobilize, stun or damage opponents who make the mistake of stepping on them.

Hunter must be more familiar with the terrain and their enemies because the often cannot stand toe-to-toe against tough melee fighters. They must keep their distance and use their skills to delay and disorient their enemies and then use their bows and their falcons to finish them off. Many Hunters go for speed and power while others prefer to share the responsibilities of fighting with their trained falcon. It's not easy to teach the falcon to attack the target which an arrow strikes, so it takes quite a bit of luck to be a successful falconer.

"When the opportunity for you shot comes, will you have the courage to take it?"
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Hunter: Gurdian of Nature
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