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 Shadow Mission Quest

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PostSubject: Shadow Mission Quest   Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:33 pm

Level Requirement:
Base level 70 or above

1. Talk to the Man at lighthalzen 141 162. He will tell you that Kagreto is busy due to lack of worker.

2. Go to the building at lighthalzen 101 243 and find the Young Man (Kagreto) at lhz_in01 174 258. He will ask you if you can keep secret. If yes, he will ask you to go to Einbroch Research Facility to find Golims

3. Go to Einbroch.gat 54 52. The Lab Soldier will ask you the purpose to enter the lab. Answer "Nothing" and go back to find Kagreto. If select "Sure" the mission will fail, and there will be a little chance to redo the mission from Kagreto again

4. Back to Kagreto. He will tell you that this is a test to check your ability to keep secret. He will ask you to find Rogreto on the Airship.

5. Talk to Rogreto at airplane_01 96 48. He will ask you to go to Izlude and find Ah Wang.

6. Talk to the Gangster (Ah Wang) at izlude 186 57. He will tell you the goods are delivered and go back to find Rogreto.

7. Talk to Rogreto again and he will ask you to go back to Kagreto.

8. Talk to Kagreto. He will ask you to find Rogreto again. (You will obtain some Exp)

9. Go back to find Rogreto again. This time some Bandits will appear. Kill them. Rogreto will ask you to find Ah Wang in Izlude again.

10. Talk to Ah Wang and show your suspicion on the Goods delivered and the attackers. However there will be no answer. Go back to Rogreto.

11. Rogreto express his gratitude and ask you to find Kagreto in Lighthalzen.

12. Talk to Kagreto again and have a little debate on the attack and the contents on the goods. He will ask you to find Rogreto again after this.

13. Another Bandit attack after talking to Rogreto. After the fight, some of the cover of the goods will be damaged. Examine it. Rogreto will give you a white potion and ask you to find Ah Wang.

14. Talk to Ah Wang. He will ask you to take a rest since you looked pale after seeing the content of the goods.

15. Rogreto will ask you to take a rest too since you look pale. Go to find Kagreto when you reach Lighthalzen.

16. Talk to Kagreto again and told him you knew the contents of the goods. Both have an argument on the righteous on the delivery.

17. When you walk out of the room, you will have a flashback of the things Kagreto had argued about.
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Shadow Mission Quest
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