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 Airship Quest

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PostSubject: Airship Quest   Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:26 pm

1.If your base level is below 60 then Air Ship Captain Fayroll (airplane_01 238 154) will not tell you regarding the information Air Ship.

2.If your base level reach 60 or above, talk to Air Ship Captain Fayroll at airship from yuno to izlude (airplane_01 238 154) and ask the information regarding Air Ship. (need to ask 2 times). After that, Fayroll will ask you to help him deliver a letter to his brother.

3.Go to find Fayroll's brother (Captain Dulu) at the Air Ship from Yuno to Einbroch (airplane 236 163) , and give him letter, he will ask you to help him to collect Will Of Darkness and Prickly Fruit. He will tell you those items only can get from the monster which attack his brother Fayroll Air Ship.

4.You will found monster attack Air Ship when back to the Fayroll's Air Ship.

5.After collected 2x Will Of Darkness and 2x Prickly Fruit, give those items to Dulu, and he will request you to send a letter to Fayroll.

6.Given Letter to Fayroll then ask him about Air Ship how to fly, he will tell you about that, and player will gain experience if able to completed this quest.
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Airship Quest
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