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 The 1st Freya Pvp Cup

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The 1st Freya Pvp Cup Empty
PostSubject: The 1st Freya Pvp Cup   The 1st Freya Pvp Cup Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 9:58 am

A Call To Arms

After RPC 2007, the War of Emperium has been rather lackluster and severely lacking in what we like to call ... bloodlust and action. Mostly it's a matter of just going about the agits breaking emperiums wherever and rushing an enemy castle during the last few minutes of WOE. Terribly repetitive and tiresome.

And PVP is no exception either. What do people do in PVP? Mostly stand around testing their skills against their friends until a party comes in and wipes out everyone in the room. Then the people who died get their own party, rushes in and exacts revenge on the attacking party. Then everyone relogs and meets in the waiting room and trashtalks. Fallen might find it quite fun but I'm sure the more enlightened guilds have better things to do than stoop down to their level.

Which is why the PVP Clash (Thank you for stealing the title and posting it in RB, Mr. Plagiarism) that happened last night was a breath of fresh air in the otherwise dreary atmosphere of PVP. It was fun for everyone. For the guilds that met in battle in PVP and even for the onlookers and spectators who were unfortunately caught in the crossfire and died a cold white death due to several Storm Gusts. I don't think it was much fun for Fallen who were totally demolished by Vis Maior and Mutiny but hey ... in a match, someone always has to lose. They just happened to do it twice.

So it is with that spirit in mind that issue a challenge to all guilds, PVP guilds and WOE guilds. Come with trumpets blazing and weapons fired and make yourself ready for the 1st ever PVP Tourney Cup. This Cup doesn't have a name yet but we'll get to that later. Now what do we need?

This is an annual event and since it's organized on a large scale, we will be giving out prizes. The prizes will be discussed later. We will need 8 teams to duke it out in PVP with the winner to be proclaimed Grand Champion of this annual Cup.

Before the prizes ... let's talk about the RULES.

1. Each team will be composed of 10 members with NO repeating jobs.

2. To weed out nuisance entries and teams, each team will be charged a registration fee of 25M Zeny. This registration fee will be paid to the committee cashier after confirmation of your entry here in the boards. Please don't pay before we confirm your registration. The registration fee will be paid to ~baby_poShy~. That her Biochemist with Level 76 and Character Code ANSHSSR. Please verify this information before giving the zeny. Or take a screenshot.

3. All Soul Linker Buffs are prohibited. Anyone seen with Kaupe, Kaite or Kaizel on their characters will have his team disqualified and the opposing team proclaimed winner.

4. Resurrection, Ygg Leaves, Tokens, and any items that allow Resurrection are not allowed.

5. Emperor Crowns, Wings of Victory and any RPC Prize Headgear are not allowed.

6. All cards and equips, except for the ones mentioned above, can be used in the battle.

7. Stat-increasing foods are allowed. Even Kafra Cards and Field Manuals.

8. All the members of each team should be at least level 91. You can have a member that's below 91 but they won't be able to enter the arena because it will be held in the 91 - 99 rooms.

9. The members of each team should be in 1 guild.

10. No guild will have more than 1 entry to the Cup.

11. The naming convention for the members' positions in the guild will be - [ Job ]. That's it. Please don't give us headaches by making their positions [ ~~*+.\/\/iz4rd.+*~~ ] because that's just retarded.

12. All entries should be posted HERE in this thread by the Guild/Party Leader with team lineup and member levels. Entries are only considered final after the lineup has been posted and the registration fee paid to the committee cashier.Once a lineup is confirmed, it can no longer be changed. Substitutions will not be allowed and will disqualify a team if an unauthorized substitution is done. We will only consider substitutions for legitimate reasons.

13. Teams will be assigned a REGROUP point in the map. They will stay in that point for buffs and preparations until the signal is given for the match to start. Both teams will meet at a designated engagement point.

14. Boundaries will be set and none of the teams will be allowed to cross that boundary. It's their responsibility to keep the fighting within the boundary. We don't want to spend 2 hours waiting for the match to finish just because a team's champ decided to Body Reloc all over the map.

15. The match will be a best of 5 game. Whoever wins 3 rounds will be declared the winner.

16. In the UNLIKELY event that the match reaches 15 minutes, the team with the most number of members left standing will be declared the winner.

17. If both teams have the same number of players left standing after 15 minutes, the team with the lower level average will be declared the winner. Because underdogs always win at the end.

18. Onlookers and spectators will be killed on sight if they get in the way of any of the opposing teams. Please refrain from getting in between both teams. You will die a quick and painful death. Stay a goodly distance away from the match if you just want to watch.

19. Any onlookers who make EPAL will be subsequently massacred by the teams involved in the Cup everytime they show their face in PVP. So kung ayaw nyo ma WANTED sa PVP ... please wag umepal.

20. It is the team's responsibility to maintain a stable internet connection for the match. Once the game has started, we will not stop the game for any reason whatsoever. Please turn off your bots, so you won't be lagged. Please make sure you have gametime so you won't get disconnected.

21. The only time that the game will be stopped and scoring suspended would be if an EPAL party came in and decided to join the match. Both opposing teams will proceed with murdering the EPAL party at once and go back to the regroup point for rebuffs.

22. The organizing committee reserves the right to append, add, modify, and remove any of the rules stated here.

23. In the event of any grievances and disputes, the decision of the committee is final and unappeasable. O di ba.

Now for the prizes ...

3rd Place = 200M Zeny
2nd Place = 500M Zeny
1st Place = 1 Billion Zeny

I said earlier that this Cup doesn't have a name yet ... Whoever wins this tourney will have the Cup named after their guild for all eternity or as long as this Cup remains in existence. So after the tourney, the Cup will be renamed "The <Guild Name> PVP Cup". The Champion of the Cup will not be joining the tourney the next time the Cup will be held but will be the defending champions. Win or lose, the Cup will always be named after the winner of the first tourney.

Any donations in addition to the prizes will be entertained. Please post any questions and clarifications in this thread. Please don't spam or go OT. Thank you.
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The 1st Freya Pvp Cup
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