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 Soul Linker Change Job

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PostSubject: Soul Linker Change Job   Sun Feb 03, 2008 9:39 pm

Job Requirement:
Taekwon Boy/Girl with Job Lv40 or above.

Change Job Quest:
1) Go to morocc(57 259) 11 o'clock area and enter the building. Talk to NPC Kid (Maia) (morocc_in 174 30) to apply for a job change.

2) Prepare 1 Witherless Rose, 1 3-Carat Diamond, and 1 Immortal Heart for her. Then she will teleport you to another room (go into your Heart).

3) Talk to the Soul of Monk (job_soul 30 35), Soul of Sage (job_soul 30 25), and Soul of Alchemist (job_soul 25 30) 1 by 1. The player can start from any of the soul NPCs. The players can stay in the room for 3 minutes.

4) Talk to Maia (job_soul 35 30 ). She will begin a ritual to bond the player with the soul.After the ritual, the character will change job to Soul Linker.

Note: if the time had passed, the player can talk to Maia(morocc_in 174 30) again in her room to reenter the heart.

i.Soul Linker can equip any equipments allowed to the Magician class.
ii.After changing to Soul Linker, all Taekwon Boy/Girl Kick skills will not be allowed to use.
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Soul Linker Change Job
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