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Soul Linker

Soul Linkers are Taekwon Kids who chose to focus on thier spiritual teachings and forego thier martial arts background. A Soul Linker therefore is a magic user, who controls spirits for the purpose of both support, and combat.

A Soul Linker can no longer perform any kicks or active taekwon attacks or stances, but can continue to use any supportive and movement type skills that they have learned. Soul Linkers may equip any equipment that a mage or wizard can equip. Taekwon Kids may change to Soul Linker at job 40, at the job change npc in morroc.

Soul Linkers have a unique class of skill, known as Spirit skills. These skills are specific supportive skills which can only be used on a specific class. When used on a player, that character absorbs the spirits of the ancient masters of thier profession, temporarially bestowing upon them with great powers, and in some cases entirely new skills. These skills are usable durring the full durration of the spirit. In PVP and WoE however, these spirits may be destroyed through the use of the Taekwon Kid skill Flying Kick.

For the purpose of this guide, the skills granted by the Spirit skills will be listed after the Soul Linker skill guide.

They also have two different specification of skills, Ka- magic and Es- magic. All Ka- type magic are easily identifiable as skill names starting with Ka. A Ka- type skill is a supportive skill, and active Ka- skills may only be cast on yourself, your spouse, or your child. If you however are endowed with Soul Linker Spirit, then you may cast Ka- magic on any player.

All Es- type magic, like Ka- types are identifiable as a skill name starting with Es. Es magic are generally offensive and only affect non human creatures. In other words, you can only use it on monsters. If you attempt to use Es magic on another player, be it anywhere including WoE and PVP, your character will be stunned for a short durration.
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Soul Linker
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