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 Taekwon Master Change Job Quest

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PostSubject: Taekwon Master Change Job Quest   Taekwon Master Change Job Quest Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 9:37 pm

Job Requirement:
Taekwon Boy/Girl with Job Lv40 or above

Change Job Quest:
1) Go to payon 215 102 and look for NPC Mu-Hyun. He will ask you if you are willing to change job into Star Gladiator. If choose yes, he will write a recommendation letter for you to your mentor.

2) Go to the top of the mountain at the center of Comodo (comodo 172 230). The NPC Vaganbond (Mu-Gang) is waitng for you. Prepare 1x Flame Heart, 1x Mistic Frozen, 1x Great Nature, and 1x Rough Wind for him. He will then send you to the next test-room.

3) Talk to the examiner for Sun Room Da-Roo (job_star 29 33). He will ask you a few questions. Each question has different points. The player can proceed to the Moon Room if he scores more than 25points. If player score less than 25points, Da-Roo will ask the player to feel the sun. When talk to him again, there will be chances (1/5 chance) he will send you to the Moon Room.

4) Talk to Bee-Ryu (job_star 95 33) in the Moon Room. As in the Moon Room, player will need to score 30points or above to move to Star Room. If the player score less than the require points, Bee-Ryu will send the player to Payon to prove his determination. Talk to Mu-Hyun. Then go back to Mu-Gang and he will send you to Moon Room. The player can now proceed to Star Room.

5) Talk to Chi-Hee (job_star 161 33). Talk to her repeatedly until she ask for 1x Star Crumb and 1x Sparkling Dust. Get her the items. She will ask you some questions. Answer them and she will send you to Mu-Hyun.

6) Go to Mu-Gang and the player can change to Star Gladiator.

i. Star Gladiator can equip all Books, mufflers, Mink Coat, Mirror Shield, Sharp Gear, Majestic Goat, Boots and other equipments that are rated as "all job" and "all jobs except novice".
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Taekwon Master Change Job Quest
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