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PostSubject: Gunslinger   Gunslinger Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2008 9:23 pm

Gunslinger Gunslinger2

The Gunslinger is a new expanded class available for players to chose from beginning with episode Hugel. Gunslingers, as the name suggest, specialize in wielding a wide variety of guns and weapons, masters of ranged combat.

Gunslingers change class directly from Novice once you hit Job 10. Unlike most classes in RO, they do not have an advanced form. To make up for this, Gunslingers have a different job experience requirement, and reach max job level at Job 70. While this one class role may seem restrictive, the different types of skills and weapons you can specialize in will make you different from those gunslingers around you.

Gunslinger Details

Gunslingers have two different kinds of skills, 'Coin' skills and 'Gun' skills. Coin skills are usable with any weapon (even unarmed), and all require a certain number of gold coins to activate and use. Gold coins can be collected by using the skill 'Flip the Coin'. Gun skills are different as they are either passive or active skills that affect performance with only one or a specific group of weapons.

The following is information about specific weapons that gunslingers have at their disposal.

* Handgun: One of the main firearms available to Gunslingers. Handguns are dual wielded (like all gunslinger weapons), and have the largest variety of specific skills available to them. All rifle skills are also usable with handguns, though handguns suffer lower damage and hit rate than rifles. Handgun specific skills are Chain Action, Rapid Shower, and Desperado. Handguns have a base attack speed of 130 (1.4s between attacks).

* Rifles: Similar to handguns, rifles are more accurate, longer range, and usually have a higher chance to critical attack, but are slower firing. Rifle specific skills are Tracking, Disarm, and Piercing Attack. Rifles have a base attack speed of 125 (1.5s between attacks).

* Shotguns: Shotguns are very slow compared to Handguns and Rifles, but all shotguns pack a heavy punch, and deal 3x3 splash damage. While slow, Shotguns have some of the highest damaging skills. Shotguns specific skills are Dust, Spread Attack, and Full Buster. Shotguns have a base attack speed of 50 (3s between attacks).

* Grenade Launcher: Grenade launchers are also very slow, but they pack a much higher attack than any other weapon in game. Also, unlike the other guns that use regular bullets which are restricted to only neutral and holy elements, grenade launchers are powered by spheres, which while a little bit more costly to create, come in all kinds of different elements. Grenade Launchers have one skill, Ground Drift. They have a base attack speed of 50 (3s between attacks).

* Gatling Gun: Gatling Gun on its own is pretty slow and packs about the same punch as handguns do. However, with the right combination of skills, you can crank them up to beastly speeds. With a proper Agi / Dex build, its possible to reach the maximum attack speed of 190. Gatling Guns have only one specific skill, Gatling Fever. Thier base attack speed is 130 (1.4s between attacks).

All types of guns deal full damage against all three sizes of targets.

While Gunslingers share the same faults as other ranged attack classes as they are vulnerable to damage, thier HP mod is not so bad. Thier HP and SP modifiers grow unusually, starting off slowly but increasing with higher levels. At level 99 with no stats Gunslingers will have about 4510 HP (just under rogue/hunter), and 456 SP (just under that of Monk). Thier base weight limit is 2800, and increased by 30 times thier base strength.

Like hunters with bow attacks, gunslingers do not have thier attack boosted by skills that boost attack speed, such as advanced andrenaline rush. Because of thier coins, gunslingers cannot gain or recieve spirit spheres from any skill or item. Gunslingers can use all 3 types of attack speed potion, given they hit the required level to use them.

Gunslingers, like all other expanded jobs, cannot be adopted or rebirth. There is no restrictions on marrage though.
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